AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution plugin now available for UE4

Both AMD and Nvidia offer upscaling technology that allows for higher resolution images of lower quality renders. Deep Learning Super Sampling (or DLSS) is located in the Nvidia corner. It has been around for a while. Although it is a complex and resource-intensive process, it is a major reason why real-time raytracing is becoming more popular in games.

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is AMD’s solution. It’s quite a different approach. FSR uses an algorithm that upscales images to give them sharper edges. This is not a computer process. It was tested extensively when it was first released. It is much simpler than DLSS, and although it has its downsides, it can also run on a wider range of GPUs.

Nvidia has provided DLSS plugins to Unreal Engine 4/5 for a while, and it’s not surprising. FSR took a while, but it is now available as an Unreal Engine plugin.

Videocardz has shared the UE4 plugin FSR. Anyone can download it from the GPUOpen website. It also provides helpful information such as recommended settings and descriptions of each model. There are also things to be aware of, such as the fact that FSR already has a Contrast Adaptive Sharpening pass. Developers might need to disable other passes.

Software like this is always welcome, especially considering how lightweight FSR is. It’s possible to use it by developers of all kinds, and they don’t have to own the most powerful hardware in the world. We’re hopeful that FSR will soon be available in UE5.–credits-2022–ios-2022–credits-generator-2022–credits-2022

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