“If Specialists don’t feel at home in Conquest and Breakthrough they will shine in Hazard Zone.”

Although the series has tried small-scale modes before, such as team deathmatch and Battlefield 1’s ill-fated Incursions mode (which was never released), it has never had Battlefield 2042’s Hazard zone. It is a squad-based mode that involves collecting data drives from fallen satellites to make it out alive. It carries some tension but also emphasizes the importance of specialist choice, loadout, teamwork, and teamwork.

It is a match between players and AI. This AI feels more skilled and ruthless than its All-Out Warfare counterpart. There are only two chances to extract, one at the beginning of the match and another near the end. The stakes are higher, at least theoretically.

A scanner can be used to mark areas that could house data drives, ammo boxes, or uplinks. These allow you to call in vehicles, or increase your redeploy count. You can be revived by any member of the squad, but you will need to use redeploy tokens if you die twice in succession. The squad is over when all four members have died. You lose all data drives and your Dark Market Credits. These Dark Market Credits are earned by killing AI soldiers or players.

While Specialists may not feel at home in Conquest or Breakthrough, they can shine in Hazard Zone. You can’t have duplicate characters in a squad and you don’t always have the credit to load out a full loadout. It’s important that a squad has a player who can heal, resupply, or can help you get your credits. You have the option to choose mobile squads, or you can focus on protection with Irish defensive plates supported by Boris’ turret and Falck for ammo and health.

Communication is key to ensuring you survive longer. Hazard Zone matches don’t take too long, even if your goal is to extract the second one. They also provide prime ground for both squad duels or ambushes. Fair deaths are not guaranteed. This was evident to me when an AI drove me over with a vehicle while I was preparing to revive my squad. This is why it’s so thrilling to stay alive.

Hazard Zone will contribute to your account progress and tie into the forthcoming Battle Passes. However, it also has its economy that revolves around Dark Market Credits. These can be earned by killing AI players, AI forces, or extracting data with drives. If you succeed in extracting, you will get your currency back. Failure to extract it means that you are permanent without it. It doesn’t mean you have to spend it every match. However, it is the only way to get anything other than the restricted free loadout which allows for one item per slot and does not allow attachments.

You can also get tactical upgrades that give you additional bonuses, such as 5 data drives instead of 3 and faster healing. However, you can only use one unless there is an ongoing streak with one of your Specialists. (Streaks are for individual characters and not accounts).

While you can pick up gear from your fallen enemies, Hazard Zone tends to cater more to a hardcore audience and not entirely alienate less dedicated players. The current economy is balanced enough that even a few AI killings can earn you enough credits to purchase a primary weapon for the next match. This is great news for new players or elite marksmen.

Hazard Zone’s unpredictable nature is a double-edged blade. It is thrilling to make it through a three-way duel, which was broken into by an AI roaming band riding in their vehicles. However, these moments are rare without a complete squad that communicates.

You will undoubtedly lose some matches early on. These matches have a low XP gain that can cause you to lose your temper and not want to use the mode.

Portal to the Past and Future

After playing the Portal mode in Battlefield 2042 during the review event, it left a lasting impression. However, it will take some time to fully unlock its potential. VIP Fiesta is a small-scale TDM mode that highlights random players in red to make it easy for enemies to see. It can be a welcome distraction.

Portal allows you to make adjustments to classic modes. You can also alter settings such as damage, movement speed, and loadout limits. To get different flavor versions of these modes, you can choose which Battlefield era soldiers to play from.

You can do even more crazy stuff, as we saw last week at the review event. We played a fast-paced Free for All mode where everyone began with a knife, and each rocket launcher was loaded with one rocket. You could only reload by jumping five more times after firing the rocket.

At launch, the classic experiences that bring back BF1942, BF3’s Conquest, and BC2’s Rush modes are the icing on the cake. Portal could be a viable main mode if there is enough support after launch, even though it has a capped XP gain. Each experience captured the essence and spirit of the older titles. 1942 maps are a little more bare-bones and focus more on combat and teamwork than recent titles.

I was able to cross El Alamein’s dunes using only a rocket launcher on the shoulder. It was a great experience and a way to relive childhood. BC2 Rush is a blast from the past. There are plenty of chances to shoot down snipers with rocket launchers. It was amazing to see the antenna on Caspian Border slowly falling to the ground as my squad was climbing up the hill. These faithful recreations bring back some of the original games and retain the way that spotting used work.

The Portal editor was easy to use. Conquest and Rush do not support it. However, the Rules Editor allows you to make changes and makes the portal editor look more powerful. Although it’s a little intimidating for someone not familiar with programming, patience and the help text should be enough to get you through.

There are not many custom game modes at the moment. The ones you do find, such as Gungame, have connection problems about half of the time. During the review session that preceded our play with the live game, a developer explained that custom experience servers remain online until the last player leaves. However, I was kicked multiple times by the creator of the experience. I also ran into constant error messages when hosting my own.



Battlefield 2042’s launch performance is not stable for the 128-player modes. Even with ray-trace disabled, Conquest and Breakthrough can achieve 60 frames per second on an i7-8700K with 16GB RAM and Nvidia Radeon RTX [email protected] The frame rate drops rapidly as more stuff happens, and jumps between 40-60 fps with occasional dips to 30 fps. Ray Traced Ambient Occlusion will instantly cause a loss of 20 FPS and minimal gain.

Breakthrough is a game where gameplay can be affected by a drop in performance. This is especially true when both sides are trying to grab control points. Conquest has a larger play area, which means that there are fewer of them. However, they were still present when multiple players converged at one point or sector. Tanks started firing and debris began falling everywhere. Even worse, switching to low settings does little for a rig, even though it has an older CPU.

Ultra’s 60 FPS sweet spot is reached by both 64-player and small-scale modes. While your mileage will vary depending on the PC, it is something you should be aware of. It is disappointing that the game will launch in this condition, continuing a long-standing tradition for the series.


Battlefield 2042 has a variety of accessibility settings, including text chat narration and menu. There are also options for colorblindness, which include different color schemes to help you distinguish between the friendly, enemy, squad, and neutral colors. You can toggle subtitles on and off, change their text size, toggle and hold to steady your scope, request or skip revives, zoom with your weapon, etc.


If you are willing to switch between the three modes, Battlefield 2042 is a solid launch day offering. However, the game’s core formula remains strong and will continue to be a success despite some questionable design decisions and performance issues. Although you are still likely to have those amazing moments when you take down a helicopter using an unguided rocket launcher or get behind enemy lines to capture a point that will win you the match; battles don’t always feel larger despite having more players.

Although the lack of a traditional scoreboard or a visible fire mode icon might seem minor, they are compounded by an unstable frame rate, specialists that feel most at home in Hazard Zone, poorer map flow, and bugs that can cause para dropping and even unable redeploy to stop you from quitting the match.

Battlefield 2042 could have been a huge, triumphant return to the series. However, while it scratches the itch for small-scale combat, it makes some unneeded changes to its core formula and misses the mark with some of the ambitious new features. The great first-person shooter beneath might be fully visible in a few months, but it takes a lot of effort to enjoy it properly at launch.

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