Phasmophobia’s Christmas Update Shows New Ways to Screw With Demons

Phasmophobia's Christmas Update Shows New Ways to Screw With Demons

Phasmophobia’s Christmas Update Shows New Ways to Screw With Demons

Christmas will be called the most haunted holiday of the year. Developer Kinetic Games will soon release Phasmophobia updates. It will include new questions for the Ouija Board and a summoning circle. Also, tortured voodoo toys are being offered as an addition to the school’s collection of shy undead.

The Trello is now closed. Videos can be found in Phasmophobia’s official discord. For now, the hellish holiday expansion is called ‘Christmas [REDACTED]Update’. However, it contains notes for something Kinetic calls ‘Cursed Possessions’. It is speculated that these items are tools you can use to attract ghosts who won’t cooperate. Although it sounds like a great trade for more annoying spookies I know that I will be hunted down immediately once my sanity is gone.

My anxiety shot up after seeing the brief footage of the confirmed items. This game is a joy to me (ha). However, it makes me grin and cry incessantly. It’s a game I am ready to play again. I will be using voodoo dolls and summoning circles to bring out angry oni.

No, thank you. I’ll just stay in my truck while you handle that.

There are additional Ouija Board questions on the list. However, it doesn’t give any details about what you might be able to ask. Although I don’t usually say much beyond “Where are you?” I find it quite cool to have a variety of new things to shout at the demons in darkness.

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Kinetic continues to improve the ghost investigation game, which is my favourite horror title in years. This was after the project’s expansion. I usually take a break for a few months and then return to it, even for the smallest of tweaks. Phasmophobia released its August Exposition Update. It was enough to keep my attention for a while, since it completely redesigned the experience.

This update will likely address some of the current frustrations with the Christmas scares. Phasmophobia’s new difficulties adjustments and larger ghost roster have made it more frustrating for unresponsive spirits. There’s little you can do if they don’t show up. This is why I have slowed down on my paranormal investigations. But, I hope it makes demons more social.

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