Party Hats are ‘pivotal’ to the RuneScape economy, and new hats are being given out for the first time in 20 years

120King, a RuneScape player, says that they began cooking sailfish on Monday at 6:40 AM. After cooking 4,000 sailfish, it took them four hours to acquire one of the eight shards necessary to obtain a Golden Party Hat. This piece of gear grants no stat benefits and grants wearers zero stat benefits. They have until January 3 to obtain the seven remaining shards to earn a Golden Party Hat, a piece of gear that is not only useless but could one day make them RuneScape rich.

Party hats have not been available for sale since 20 years ago. These originals, which grant wearers nothing in return, are worth more than 2.1 billion gold and are RuneScape’s most valuable item.

This is a classic example of videogame economy logic. The original Party Hats were valuable because they were useless. Jagex, a RuneScape developer, says that the Party was intended to be disposable and worthless when first distributed during the 2001 Christmas event. They are not useful, but they look festive.

Jagex did not reissue the hats the following year. Some of the Party Hats were lost or stolen over time, further decreasing the supply. The Party Hat became a symbol for one’s status, either an older player or a wealthy one.

Jagex says that hats play an important role in the RuneScape economy, as they are used for investments, cash placements and staked items. Party Hats can be purchased for over 2.1 billion gold, according to RuneScape’s wiki. This is their actual price, as it’s the maximum transaction limit on RuneScape’s Grand Exchange.

The 2021 Party Hats differ from the 2001 party caps. These are Golden Party Hats. The originals were only available in white, red, green and yellow. The Golden Party Hat is a symbol for a player’s participation at RuneScape’s 20th-anniversary event. It can also be traded, but it won’t be as valuable as the originals. Players can only earn one Golden Party Hat per event. However, won’t be as common as the originals.

Players must have eight Golden Party Hat Shards collected and an active RuneScape Membership. This is $11 per month. Premier Club members can get it for less. Bonds can be used to purchase a membership. These are tradable in-game items such as EVE Online’s Plex. You can acquire shards by completing specific tasks such as the ‘Once Upon a Time in Gielinor’ anniversary quest or buying one for 30,000,000 gold. Some others are random drops that happen while players are learning skills or engaging in another activity.

Jagex claims that anyone actively playing RuneScape should have a “bad luck protection system” to prevent them from going hatless before the event ends.

The developer says that the chances of getting a shard increase exponentially as you train skills or go through clue scrolls. We want players to be active during this event to create their hats without worrying too much.

Some players haven’t let that stop them from grinding Shard drops as quickly as possible, such as spending an entire morning cooking thousands upon thousands of sailfish. Another player said they had killed “2,000 abyssal demonic” but didn’t receive a Combat Shard drop. A third reported that they received the Combat Shard after six hours of fighting dark beasts—each of us Party in our ways.–jour-gratuit-de-walking-dead-survivor–jour-gratuit-de-walking-dead-survivor/c/GW-KyCLmHoI

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