The Sims 4 is giving some iconic NPCs a major overhaul

EA gives Simmers their first look at major overhauls in The Sims 4.

In August, the studio announced that certain “flagship” characters would receive a visual update and a chance to their lore and personalities. The team showed how some NPCs are progressing in a Livestream, showcasing the new Kit and Neighborhood Stories features.

SimGuruRusskii presented comparison shots of Bella Goth and Mortimer Goth and Dina Caliente, Nina Caliente, and Bella Goth. Bella and Mortimer both have their features altered to look older. This makes sense, considering that they don’t appear much older than their teenage daughter. SimGuruRusskii suggested that Mortimer might get a new moustache to make him look “a bit more refined, elegant.” The team may adjust Mortimer’s skin tone.

Bella Goth’s new design also features her with a more natural skin tone. This is a change from her previous Sims games, which resulted from years of whitewashing allegations. Her hair may be changing, and she might get a more modern, refined look.

SimGuruRusskii also said that the Caliente sisters would be getting their skin tones adjusted. Both sisters will be closer to their old game appearances thanks to the new concept. The team plans to get rid of Dina’s banana-yellow hair and replace it with something more muted. Nina could also get a slightly different hair colour to give her a more auburn-toned appearance. The sisters could be getting new outfits that make them more glamorous than their 2014 hot mess.

SimGuruRusskii states that there is no release date yet for these changes and that they are still being finalized. Although the concepts may change, I would guess that the overall feel of each makeover will not change between characters.–working–100-working-hack-generator-2022

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