Halo Infinite TikTok Video Shows How To Kill Enemies With Their Own Rockets

Halo Infinite TikTok Video Shows How To Kill Enemies With Their Own Rockets

Halo Infinite TikTok Video Shows How To Kill Enemies With Their Own Rockets

A Halo infiniteplayer shows TikTok viewers how they can deflect enemy rockets to them using the new Repulsor equipment. 343 Industries released the multiplayer component to the latest Halotitle last week as a free-to play experience. Halo Infinite broke all Xbox records for its high player count.

Halo Infinite has added many new tools and weapons to the FPS game. These can be used against one another in 4v4 matches, or Halo Infinite’slarger-scale Big Team Battle. Grappleshot allows players to swing across the map like Spider-Man. The Repulsor can be used to knock opponents away or deflect grenades. The latter does not deal any damage in Halo Infinite but it is very useful for sending enemy attacks back at their source for easy kills. It takes timing and skill to achieve this feat.

A popular TikTok account videogametrainers shared recently a video showing a Halo Infinite user using the Repulsor in order to redirect an opponent’s rocket at them during a Team Slayer game (via Dexerto). For executing a Repulsor Kill, players are awarded a “Return To Sender” medal. This is narrated by Jeff Steitzer , the legendary multiplayer announcer. VideoGameTrailers’s video received over 400,000 views and more than 30,000 likes in just a few days. It’s likely that many more players will be aware of this visually stunning mechanic.

It is not the first time that a HaloInfiniteplayer used the Repulsor in multiplayer to achieve a unique kill. A similar video featuring the Repulsor being used to bounce a plasma bomb across the map to score an incredible kill has been shared online by Reddit’s Halosubreddit. Other impressive Halo Infinite tricks involve players taking down Halo Infinite’s Wasp aircraft using power cells and an assortment of Grappleshot-propelled shenanigans.

Halo Infinite’smultiplayer received a warm welcome despite some players taking issue about the free-to play game’s microtransactions. The positives are outweighing the negatives, which is a stark contrast to 2021’s first game. It’s possible that it will be a welcome indicator for single-player content in the game’s release on December 8. Players are making impressive kills online with Halo Infinite’snew multiplayer equipment, such as the Repulsor.

To give players a taste of the online multiplayer Halo Infinite gameplay, the beta was released before the full game’s release. All types of players have been drawn to the Halo Infinite beta, including casual gamers and professional streamers to see what this new entry has to offer. Ranking multiplayer and its ranking system are the main points of multiplayer FPS experiences.

Competitive players enjoy grinding out ranked multiplayer, or Halo infinitemultiplayer. Rankings are more than bragging rights. They also allow players to be placed with higher-level competitors, making the games more challenging and interesting. Players may be curious about how to climb the ranks, what rank they will reach, and where they stand once they have reached the top.

To begin Halo Infinite’s multiplayer ranked multiplayer, players must play at least ten ranked games. Based on their performance in placement matches, players will be assigned their first rank. This initial rank is not meant to be a definitive representation of players’ abilities, but is a starting point for narrowing down their skills. Players will be able progress to the Ranked Arena after achieving this rank. This allows them to play in more challenging matches and adds an extra level to the game’s balance.

How to rank up in Halo Infinite

Once players are granted access to the Ranked Arena, they can play in it. Halo Infinite They can move up the ranks by playing ranked games. They can move up the ranks by playing ranked matches. Halo Infinite ranks Similar to other ladder systems, it uses multi-tiered divisions which eventually lead to a single top-tier rank. The ladder system. Halo Uses is organized as follows :

Bronze I, II, III, IV, V, VI

SilverII, III, IV. V. VI

Gold I-II, III, IV. V. VI.

Platinum I, II, III, IV, V, VI

DiamondII, III, IV. V. VI


Each of the first five divisions has six tiers. Onyx, which is the last ranked division, only has one tier. This is to provide unique prestige to each rank as well as to anyone who wears an Onyx badge. Players who win Ranked matches more often will rise up the ranks. Those who lose less will fall to lower ranks. Ranking up in Halo Infinite multiplayer can be as simple as winning games and moving on to the next rank. You lose points if you lose games.

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