My Hero Academia Season 6 Poster Teases Shigaraki vs Deku

My Hero Academia Season 6 Poster Teases Shigaraki vs Deku

My Hero Academia Season 6 Poster Teases Shigaraki vs. Deku

Izuku Midoriya, Tomura Shigaraki get ready for their biggest fight yet. Studio Bones adapted the series from Kohei Horikshi’so Shonen Jump manga. Although a teaser was released in September, no air date has been announced for the next season.

My Hero Academia Season 5 aired from March 2021 to September 20,21. It adapts the “Endurance Agency” and “My Villain Academia arcs. Deku discovered a new Quirk about himself, “One for All,” and took part in training exercises alongside other classes of UA. The endeavor was also a part of the season. The League of Villains and Shigaraki both gain more power.
Meanwhile, the League of Villains gains more power. Endeavor, the troubled young villain, becomes the Grand Commander of Paranormal Liberation Front.
The My Hero Academia film has an original story. Season 6 promises to continue the manga storyline and adapt the “Paranormal Liberation War” storyline. A poster recently released teases the confrontation between the two main characters.

The My Hero Academia anime’s Japanese Twitter account posted the visual. It features Shigaraki and Deku standing side-by-side, energized and empowered by their quirks, and staring forward with intense stares. Each character is featured in the headlines. Shigaraki’s Deku promises to stop it, while the villain vows destruction. The poster was uploaded with a caption that teased the scale of the war in the upcoming story. The sign is available below.

Due to many tip-offs and sources, the Paranormal Liberation War arc will see the heroes unite to defeat the Paranormal Liberation Front. This leads to a brutal, large-scale battle. The angle sees strong characters die, while bombshells are revealed about characters like Kurogiri and Hawks. The experience has also changed Deku and Shigaraki. Shigaraki left UA to pursue his path without risking his friend’s lives, while the latter is still being controlled by All-Might’s nemesis, One for All.

My Hero Academia season six promises to be the anime’s most violent, explosive arc yet. Episodes 107 and 113 of season 5 kick off the story by looking at the origins of Kurogiri. This arc marked a significant turning point in the series. It pushed the characters to the limits and answered many unanswered questions. Some fans are concerned about the studio’s handling the conflict in season 5. This is due to some bloody scenes being edited for television broadcast. Fans are looking forward to some of the most dramatic and shocking battles in series history.


I was able to avoid reproducing an anime cut from My Hero Academia. The manga for My Hero Academia shows Katsuki Bakugo smoking with his middle school friends while they hang out together. Bakugo’s character is given context in this scene. Bakugo shouts at his friend for stopping him from smoking, fearing that any deviation would prevent him from getting into the prestigious UA High School. The anime adaptation cut this scene, but Blue Period was not censored the same.

Episode 1 of Blue Period featured smoking. High school student Yatora Yaguchi smoked with his friends several times. This attracted scorn from Ryuji Ayukawa, who claimed that he did it only to make himself look cool to his classmates. Yatra had never seen a complex painting before, and it was only because he returned to school to search for a pack of cigarettes.

The anime series featured underage students who couldn’t legally smoke. However, My Hero, Academia did not include this information due to how young the characters were when the smoking scene was taken place. Bakugo, although almost finished with his first year in high school at the end of Season 5, My Hero Academia started Bakugo still was in middle school. This would have made him many years younger than Yatora, who began Blue Period his second year in high school. Yaguchi and his friends weren’t quite as old as Katsuki’s, but they were still younger than Katsuki. Smoking for Yatora also serves as a relevant character detail. It allows for important plot events and highlights Yaguchi’s general disinterestedness in life before discovering his love for art. Ryuji chastised him because he didn’t care much about his health. But in reality, Yatra was just as concerned about school and his grades. This kind of description is not as easy to cut as a quick comment about a friend smoking.

Blue Period appears to be targeted at an older audience. Despite its occasional dipping into darker themes and lasting effects, My Hero Academia is meant to be a largely child-friendly series. This would make animators hesitant about showing middle schoolers engaging in illegal activities. Blue Period is exclusive to Netflix. This would explain why it has the same detail.

It doesn’t stop My Hero Academia from not having underage drinking in it. Blue Period could be hampered by censoring that part of Yatra. The anime’s first episode is only available on streaming. This shows that the show will continue to follow the source material faithfully, even though other anime – for different reasons – are often unable to.

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