Babylon’s Fall didn’t rip off Final Fantasy 14’s assets—it was given them

Platinum Games’ next major project is Babylon’s Fall, a live-service hack-and-slash RPG. It can be played in four-player teams and features stunning art. The beta test was closed, and some players claimed that it had taken Final Fantasy 14’s outfits from its game.

Square Enix is publishing the game, and herein lies the explanation. Yosuke Saito (producer of the game) addressed the controversy in a blog post. “I’d love to answer a question that has been making its way around social networks–“Is this gear from Final Fantasy XIV?” Let’s get to the point: Babylon’s Fall does indeed contain gear and emotes information borrowed from Final Fantasy XIV.

“When I presented my Babylon’s Fall presentation to a company meeting, Naoki Yoshida, Final Fantasy XIV Producer & Director, was also there and offered his assistance. I responded, ‘Yes, please! That’s how the plan was realized. The Final Fantasy XIV team coordinated closely with us as we carefully implemented the data.

This makes perfect sense from all perspectives. Platinum is an incredible studio, but it isn’t working on the same scale as Square Enix. Why not reuse assets from a different title when creating cosmetic items? As long as they are compatible with the game. Saito writes, “To clarify, though, most of the gear players are aiming to acquire in-game is unique to Babylon’s Fall. Final Fantasy XIV data was used to create gear, from the introduction through the mid-level range. This is why they were so common in the Closed Beta Test.

It seems like it’s a simple situation. Naoki Yoshida, the FF14 producer, also shared his story in a characteristically entertaining style. “When I heard Mr. Saito’s plan for Babylon’s Fall, I thought, “Ahh, so he is making a hardcore action-based Hack-and-Slash game. I am kind of jealous. However, I was also thinking, “Preparing all the gear variants necessary for the gameplay is going be very difficult.” A hack-and-slash is much more fun when there are many items and gear.

Babylon’s Fall, however, is a new title that presents new challenges. Therefore, we cannot give it an unlimited budget. This is the key point. […] I suggested that we use FFXIV assets as well. There are so many of them; it would be a shame to keep them all to FFXIV. That’s how it all began. It was a topic that would be so hot …” back then.

The controversy is over. This seems to be a sensible move and will not affect any player’s experience in either of these games, except for the Twitter hothouse. Yoshida also points out that the economics of developing is crucial.–likes-generator-working-2022-android-ios–likes-generator-2022-new-updated–no-verification-2022—-100-free–working-

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