Official PS5 Faceplates Possible After Sony Patent Granted

Official PS5 Faceplates Possible After Sony Patent Granted

Official PS5 Faceplates Possible After Sony Patent Granted

Recently, the USPTO granted Sony a patent for a faceplate. This suggests that the PS5 may eventually get official covers from the console maker. The internet has been raving about the possibility of customizing replaceable faceplates since Sony’s 2020 unveiling of the PS5 design. Black faceplates are still a top choice for the hardware. Still, it seems that franchise-specific designs for games releases are inevitable, especially considering Sony’s history with special edition consoles for titles such as Uncharted 4 and Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018).

Other companies have taken matters into their hands, as the corporation remains mum on its faceplate plans. Customers can purchase shells from Customize My Platest, which allows them to choose from various colors, including transparent and gold designs. Dbrand has been known to encounter resistance from Sony regarding faceplate-making efforts. However, it recently resurfaced on the market with new PS5 Darkplates, which Dbrand claims will negate any infringement claims. However, there are high hopes that PlayStation will soon bring official replacement covers to the market. Those hopes are now closer to becoming a reality.

Op Attack reported that Sony Interactive Entertainment filed a patent application for a PS5-faceplate patent at the USPTO in November 2020. The patent is dated November 16, 2021. This indicates that the filing was recent and will be in place for 15 years. The claim describes the invention as a “skin covering for [the] PS5 Console.” It is illustrated across multiple figure images that show the plate from different perspectives. It looks very similar to the current plates on the highly successful PlayStation console.

A patent does not necessarily mean that the subject of the patent will be certain. Sony is not afraid to file documentation of this nature and let the ideas sit in perpetuity. Remember the PS3’s horrible-looking boomerang controller. It would be a smart move for the company to make this official.

The PS5 was released in November 2020 and quickly became the most popular console ever. The PS5 has sold more than 13,000,000 units worldwide, an impressive feat that places it roughly 500,000 units behind its predecessor, the PS4. The unceasing shortage of semiconductors is likely to continue until 2022, which will likely cause a slowdown in sales.

Mark Cerny, the PlayStation 5 architect, recently spoke out about his process of developing Sony’s new console. He also shared some of his favorite features and technological advancements. Since the PS2 days, Cerny has been a part of the company and has contributed his engineering expertise to games such as Marble Madness, Crash Bandicoot, and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018. This is after a 40-year-long career in the gaming industry.

His most notable contribution to Sony was as lead designer for the PlayStation 5. Cerny was the lead designer for the PlayStation 5. He spoke extensively about the PS5’s technical advances at a Livestream presentation in March. However, this presentation is more famous for its dull delivery than Cerny’s words. Cerny has continued to talk about the PS5 console’s cutting-edge Solid-State Drive, 3D Auto output, and 3D Auto in the months that preceded its release last November. He even mentioned his favorite SSD expansion drives after an update made it compatible earlier this year.
VGC reported that Mark Cerny was interviewed on WIRED’s YouTube channel. He discussed many aspects of the development of the PlayStation 5. Cerny spoke out about the PS5’s production process, noting that Solid-State Drives had been requested since the PS4 era. Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney urged this development. He felt that the last-gen hard drives were “holding back the industry.

Mark Cerny also spoke out about the difficulties in implementing backward compatible PS4 games on PS5 since older games ran too fast due to the more advanced hardware of the newer console. Cerny explained that his team created “knobs” to “dial in just how fast a given game could handle” and account for the “hundreds of essential GPU features in PlayStation 4 that developers rely upon” to make their titles run on the PS5. Cerny also spoke of some of his favorite PS5 features. One of his favorites was the “simulated feeling” of riding on horseback through dirt and mud while playing Ghost Of Tsushima.

Sony celebrated the PlayStation 5’s first anniversary this month. Even though it was hit with shortages due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the console still managed to be the most popular video game console in America. Mark Cerny’s technical expertise and a keen eye for cutting-edge features are a major part of the PS5’s huge success. It is always interesting to hear from a skilled person in the gaming industry about their experiences behind creating and launching the latest generation of PlayStation consoles.

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