Hawkman Could Destroy Superman With His New Ultimate Attack

Hawkman Could Destroy Superman With His New Ultimate Attack

Hawkman Could Destroy Superman With His New Ultimate Attack

While he may be DC Comics’ most famous hero, few call Hawkman one of the most powerful. This is despite the fact his greatest attack being able to stagger Superman. Carter Hall was a hero long before the Man of Steel was born. He was a friend of Krypton’s Jor-El. Would defeat Superman in battle, but experience and age will tip the balance in favor of the Winged Wonder.

Although Clark and Carter have met a few times before, Hawkman has not yet unleashed his full potential against the Last Sons of Krypton. He has no reservations against his old ally Idamm, Hawkman #10, by Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch. The Justice Society’s former chairman shows that he can punch well beyond his weight class by showing his full power.

Hawkman #10 sees Carter facing off against his old ally Idamm, a former warrior from Hawkman’s first life, and his army of winged Deathbringers. Hawkman appears hopelessly outnumbered at first, except for Madame Xanadu, the witch. As the invading army takes control of London, Hawkman is unable to stop the massacre of innocents. Although Hawkman saves as many as he can, he is still overwhelmed by Idamm’s army until he understands the flashbacks to his past lives. Adam is proud of Carter’s ability to connect to his past and bring back every one of his previous selves. He thinks to himself, “I am one man.” Hawkman can defeat the Deathbringer’s with the help of his past lives. However, this strategy raises interesting questions if Hawkman finds himself facing a superhuman foe.

Carter’s ability brings past selves into battle is quite new and astonishingly powerful. This force gives Hawkman an overwhelming advantage in sheer numbers. However, some of his past versions are still extremely powerful. Carter has been a formidable human in his past lives, but he’s also lived as a New God and a Kryptonian. He can even be used against the Man of Steel if necessary.

This is not a move Hawkman can do regularly. Although it takes a lot from Hawkman, Superman would have to face him in battle. Combining their combined firepower, sheer numbers, and years of tactical and strategic genius, Hawkman could give Man of Tomorrow a tough time.

Hawkman has lived many lives and is now more than capable of using that experience to his advantage. DC Comics’ Winged Wonder is far more dangerous than anyone thinks, even against a foe like the Man of Steel. We hope Superman will stay on Hawkman’s side.

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