New World players despair over the neverending waves of fishing bots

As with all decent-sized MMOs, New World has been under attack by bots since its launch. Our bot-friends initially focused on fishing and mining, but they are now expanding their horizons and reaching high levels. Let’s say you have a bot level 30 or more. This is a lot fishing XP. It also indicates how long the bot has been active.

JustDaveinTheLBC writes, “Over the past week I have seen an enormous influx of bots onto my server again.” They’re all now at higher levels, with 20’s and 30’s. They are out harvesting and mining full force. Do other servers see this? Three times I reported the same bot in three days. It’s starting to become annoying competing for materials by bots ….”.

There is no shortage of video evidence, with players observing characters clearly not controlled by humans.

Rheality_ has been following a bot called “yhnmd”, reporting on it frequently. The bot is still going about its business ten day later. Although it sometimes misses steps, the bot leaves plenty of beautiful leather to collect.

Amazon Game Studios’ apparent inaction causes frustration among players. It makes it seem pointless to gather resources when prices are rising due to bot activity. And when players report what appear like obvious bots, there has not been any action (example on the official forum).

WickoCity, a Steam forum member, wrote “Give up gathering resources to craft.” “Bots run their routes constantly over and over again. Sometimes, you can see them following each other within seconds. Reporting is useless. It’s time to move on.

Chance_Waters writes, “There is a fish bot on my server that sits at the same spot at minimum 18 hours per day,” including the bot name and server. “[It] has destroyed multiple items’ prices, destroyed fishing on the server and has been the subject of hundreds of complaints. It is still not banned.”

However, there are some caveats. The first is that certain people can act like the sky’s falling when spikes occur. While it may turn out that New World has serious bot problems, it is still too early to make that call. Dealing with scammers and bots of all stripes is a part of any large MMO. New World is not the only one to face this challenge.

While Amazon Game Studios is trying to solve the problem, players can still find human solutions. Players can still use the classic New World method of dealing with bots: They will aggrogate a mob, such as a crocodile or boar, then lead it to the bot and, through careful positioning, make it attack the bot. A fun alternative is to make little “u” shapes from tents along the bot routes. If a bot is ‘caught’, it is not difficult enough to escape.

Whatever the truth, Amazon Game Studios has an in-game problem that New World feels is not being addressed or treated with the severity it deserves. The developer had already reported a recent duping issue long before any action was taken. While it banned those who took advantage of the glitch and then fixed the problem, it also had to shut down the entire game’s economy. I have contacted Amazon to inquire about their plans for dealing with bots. We will keep you updated with any responses.–jour–jour/c/384Yw0WJIqE

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