Genshin Impact Player Uses Amber To Hit AR 50 In Terrifying Flex

Genshin Impact Player Uses Amber To Hit AR 50 In Terrifying Flex

Genshin Impact Player Uses Amber To Hit AR 50 In Terrifying Flex

Genshin Impact player used the character Amber in a frightening flex to reach Adventure Rank 50 (AR50). Genshin Impact‘s Amber has been considered one of the weakest fighters of the game. Because the character does not normally inflict damage, it takes a lot more time and effort to make her a threat. Creating a powerful Amber is an amazing feat, but one might be concerned about how long it will take.

Amber is widely recognized as one of Genshin Impair‘s weakest characters. She is the first character players meet when they begin their Teyvat adventure. Amber is a Pyro player, which gives her fire-centric abilities. However, Amber is easily outclassed by Pyro characters such as the fan-favorite Klee. Because of this, Amber is often abandoned as a party member before Genshin Imperative‘s Adventure rank 50.

Reddit shared that Genshin Impact player SortaDecent used Amber to reach AR 50 and the level 90 character. Reddit members have expressed their admiration for the player’s accomplishment, as well as shock and amazement. To reach this level, players may need to spend up to a year building Amber. This shows a commitment to the achievement. You should also note that although users have the option to spend money on their characters, SortaDecent chose F2P (free-2-to-play).

There are 14 characters on SortaDecent’s roster. Amber is the only character who has reached Level 90. The player’s success can be attributed to Amber getting specialized Genshin Impact weapons and an artifact build that increased her damage. The Genshin Impact community was impressed by the player’s remarkable success, despite concerns about Amber’s time to reach AR 50. With over 11,000 votes, this is a significant improvement from the previous build.

Since its launch in 2020, miHoYo’s open-world RPG inspired by anime has introduced various characters. Each character offers its flair, animations, and style to help players create the perfect team of fighters. Two new characters, Shenhe Jin and Yun Jin, will soon be available to fans. They were discovered in a data mine last summer. The Genshin Impact2.4 update will bring the newly-revealed heroes to the game. It is expected that they will arrive in early 2022.

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