Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Pokétch Calculator Doesn’t Work In Some Languages

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Pokétch Calculator Doesn't Work In Some Languages

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Pokétch Calculator Doesn’t Work In Some Languages.

Many Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond players noticed that the Poketch calculator app does not work in certain languages. The Pokemon Diamond and Pearl first introduced the Poketch, but it was reintroduced in the Nintendo Switch versions.

Pokemon Shining Pearl’s Pokech is an in-game smartwatch that features several apps, including a digital watch and a pedometer. The Poketch in Pokemon Bright Diamond and Shining Pearl has a new feature that allows the player to access HMs in the overworld easily. The Poketch allows Wild Pokemon to use HMs, and creatures such as Bidoof will quickly appear to use Rock Smash to destroy any boulders in their path. This upgrade is considered one of the most important in Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond. Game Freak has stopped forcing players to save Pokemon move slot slots for HMs since the original Gen 4 games.

But, one Pokémon Bright Diamond and Shining Pearl poketch feature is not working as advertised. A user from Pokemonsubeddit posted a video that shows the Poketch calculator app in action. The calculator failed to divide seven by three, resulting in a series of question marks. If you try to reproduce this issue with Shining Pearl, then your calculator may not perform division. However, there is a reason.

The glitch that causes the Poketch calculator problem is not affecting most players. It is due to in-game language selection. These errors only occur when Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are played in certain languages. This is likely due to the game mixing up decimal points and commas. You can reproduce the glitch by changing the language on the Nintendo Switch to German. This will cause the Poketch calculator to malfunction.

The Pokémonseries was known for its glitches. This was especially true when mainline entries leaped new hardware. Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond are not the only exceptions to this rule. Players have discovered an unlock glitch that allows Shaymin to unlock the Diamond remake Shaymin. The developers can release updates for the game so that the Poketch calculator glitch may be fixed soon. While the Poketch was intended to showcase the touchscreen capabilities of the Nintendo DS’s Nintendo DS, some apps are merely filler and are reminiscent of wristwatch gimmicks. Most players won’t use the calculator app because many smart devices include them. However, that doesn’t mean it’s less annoying.

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