Rockstar Games founder opens up about ‘GTA 6’, and says future games won’t be as edgy

Rockstar Games founder opens up about 'GTA 6’ and says future games won't be as edgy

Rockstar Games founder opens up about ‘GTA 6’ and says future games won’t be as edgy.

Jamie King, along with Sam Houser, Dan Houser, and Terry Donovan, are the founding members of Rockstar Games. He shared his thoughts about how the Grand Theft Auto game will evolve due to the many directions the studio has taken over the years.

Unfortunately, the Definitive is not up to the mark after the demand for new remasters of GTA III and San Andreas. Rockstar Games addresses the numerous issues in the three titles, though they compete against modders who’ve taken matters into their own hands. Despite the torrent of complaints from fans hoping that the remasters would provide a temporary solution until Grand Theft Auto VI was released, players believe there is a nod towards the next game in these photographs at the Lil Probe Inn.

It is difficult to predict when or how the next classic game will appear. It will be returning to Vice City in either the current or the ’80s. And it will have its first female protagonist. A well-known industry insider predicts that Grand Theft Auto VI will arrive in 2025. This was unexpected, considering that it had been a disaster.

While we add these little tidbits and information to our pile about Grand Theft Auto’s future, an interview with Rockstar Games founders might provide more insight into the next entry. Jamie King shared his thoughts on the tone of the next Grand Theft Auto-centric game in an interview with Killaz.

It’s the same engine that I worked on back when I was there—the core of it. King spoke of the playable experience of the new game. “They’ve perfected these systems, so I would be surprised if gameplay mechanics got affected,” King added that the support that Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online lend to the studio shows that they aren’t in any rush to release the next game.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a shift in tone, even if it’s not as funny or edgy as before. King said that he thinks there might be more opportunities to do something cheesy, as they rarely do. King said, “And maybe not.” There’s a beautiful machine out there, and you would have to work hard to make it work. Just looking at [Grand Theft Auto] V Online and Red Dead] Redemption 2, I think, “They’re just fine, period.” But culturally, at North and New York missing Leslie and Dan, there is a big difference.

Grand Theft Auto producer Leslie Benzies and writer and producer Dan Houser left in 2014 and 2020, respectively. Houser recently started his studio, Absurd Ventures In Games, though we’re not sure what it consists of.

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