Stranger Things 4’s Episode Titles Hints It Will Undo Season 3’s Biggest Mistake

Stranger Things 4’s Episode Titles Hints It Will Undo Season 3’s Biggest Mistake

Stranger Things 4’s Episode Titles Hints It Will Undo Season 3’s Biggest Mistake

The episode titles of Stranger Things season 4 show that Netflix may be bringing back Dacre Montgomery’s villain Billy. This would make season 3’s season 3 less disappointing. Stranger Things is a winning combination of nostalgia-filled coming-of-age drama and sci-fi horror stories. It has been a massive hit on Netflix’s streaming service since its debut in 2016. Stranger Things was criticized for its overly complicated plotting and poorly-developed characters despite its popularity. Season 4 will address these issues.

Part of the problem was Stranger Things season 3, which struggled with its subplots. Season 4 will return to the original villain, Dr. Brenner, and it promises to be more efficient than season 1. The showrunners also stated that Stranger Things season four will be larger than ever and have an immense scope. This has caused some fans to worry about repeating season 3. However, the announcement of Stranger Things seasons 4 episode titles suggests that creators are aware of at least one fan complaint about season 3 and eager to address it.

Fans who felt Stranger People HTML3 neglected Dacre Montgomery’s villain are encouraged to watch “Dear Billy,” the episode title. Although it seems unlikely that Stranger Things will bring Billy back to life in season 4, the episode title could indicate that Max, his stepsister, will be reflecting on their complicated relationship in season 4. There is no way to be sure in the world of Stranger things. However, there are chances that Billy may return to the series, which will delight the fans who felt his character was not well-served after his departure in season 3.

Stranger Things Season 3’s Billy Arc – Explained

In Stranger Things season 2, Billy was introduced as a volatile local bully. Steve’s Stranger things character arc saw that a former jock had redeemed himself and became a likable support star (to such an extent that few viewers recall how unpleasant he was before being humbled at season 1), but Billy was a violent, ruthless thug.

But, it was clear by season 3 of Stranger Things that the villain abused was more complex than he appeared. His brutal treatment of his stepfather also made it clear that Billy wasn’t entirely responsible for his descent into evil. The character’s more complex and morally ambiguous side was repeatedly mentioned throughout Stranger Things season 3. Eleven saw his backstory in a flashback at the finale, only to kill him shortly after his redemption.

Why Billy’s Death in Season 3 is So Hateful to Fans

Billy was killed when he gave his life to save the children from the Mind Flayer. Eleven only seconds later discovered his traumatizing backstory. This tragic scene was an afterthought that needed more screen time. It compounded Stranger Things season 3’s problem of telling too many stories simultaneously. To fit in Cary Elwes, a corrupt mayor, a Terminator-style Soviet Assassin, a hidden Russian base underneath the mall, and the many breakups, makeups, and Jonathan and Nancy’s newspaper subplot, Stranger Things season 3 ended with it overloaded and leaving many viewers unsatisfied. Hopper’s disappointing season 3 storyline was further complicated by Stranger Things’ season 3’s Billy subplot. Both significant deaths in the finale were handed out to characters who could have received a little more attention from the plot.

How Stranger Things Season 4 Could Fix Billy’s Plot

Although it would be difficult to bring back Billy, Stranger Things already has Eleven and Hopper. The disappointing death of Billy meant that he was not able to receive the character arc he deserved, despite being more complex. His return could be a success. The fact that Stranger Things season four opens with a time jump suggests that characters have likely moved on with their lives. This would be bittersweet for characters that were believed dead to return. Hopper returning from Russia means that Stranger Things might not be able to retcon the two significant deaths of season 3. A standalone episode, which explores Billy’s relationship with his little sister/series star Max, could be what fixes Billy’s disappointing ending.

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