Spider-Man Theory: The No Way Home Villains Are Multiverse Variants

Spider-Man Theory: The No Way Home Villains Are Multiverse Variants

Spider-Man Theory: The No Way Home Villains Are Multiverse Variants

Spider-Man: The Way Home will see the return of the iconic Spider-Man villains from the previous films. However, one could speculate that these villains may be variations of their original films. No Way Home will end Tom Holland’s first MCU Spider-Man Trilogy. It connects his films to the two Spider-Man film series through its villains. The No Way Home trailers contain some exciting details that indicate tha multiverse. Spider-Man villains may not be the same as Marc Webb and Sam Raimi’s. This could have exciting implications for their roles within the MCU. Many expect Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and others to play alternate versions of Spider-Man. This will also impact the film if they are different versions of their familiar incarnations.

Peter Parker and Doctor Strange work together to erase Mysterio’s revelation of Spider-Man’s secret identity. The spell backfires, and Spider-Man evils from other universes enter the MCU. No Way Home will see some of the most iconic Spider-Man villains returning, including Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin and Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus. Jaimie Foxx will also be returning with Electro. No way Home will focus on the Marvel multiverse. This concept has been explored in other MCU properties. No Way Home will likely set the stage for Doctor Strange’s Multiverse of Madness.

Avengers: Endgame hinted at alternate timelines, but they were the premise for Loki, and Marvel’s What If  In Loki, Loki’s titular protagonist, was his mainstream MCU counterpart. The Avengers’ meddling allowed him to escape New York with Tesseract. The series ends with He Who Remains, TVA’s head. Sylvie, another Loki variant, kills him, causing chaos in the multiverse and possibly facilitating Stephen Strange and Peter Parker’s mischief in No way home. Although No Way Home’s multiverse villains may look similar to J.K. Simmons MCU version of J. Jonah Jameson, the actors who played them are not the same as their Raimi or Webb counterparts.

Multiverse Villains’ Appearances

No way Home’s multiverse villains don’t look the same as their previous appearances. Some cases, such as Doctor Octopus or The Lizard, have minor visual differences. Octavius wears a different outfit, while The Lizard appears more muscular. The Green Goblin and Sandman (in some frames) haven’t been changed. However, other views of Norman Osbornands every shot of Electro give these iconic villains new faces that no film has ever shown. Norman’s 2002 Green Goblin armor is visible in all frames. However, in some frames, Norman has a battle-worn costume and goggles. Spider-Man could damage norman’s helmet and armorn. However, he uses a different glide with green lights rather than his 2002modelss.

Electro isan entirelyy different look. His Ultimate Spider-Man-inspired look from Spider-Man 2 has been replaced with an appearance that refers to his classic costume. Max Dillon was luminescent in color and wore a black containment suit in Marc Webb’s film. However, in No way is Homer wearing a green electrician’s costume with yellow electrical surges. These surges, in certain moments, mimic the shape of Max Dillon’s face mask in the Stan Lee and Steve Ditko comics. This is why the villains in the Webb and Raimi films may have had similar universes. However, they do not follow the same continuity as viewers.

Each Villain Dies Fighting Spider-Man

No way Home offers another hint that the villains may be variants: their fates within their home realities. Doctor Strange and Doctor Octopus claim that all the villains die fighting Spider-Man. However, this doesn’t align withtheire depictions in previous films. Doc Ock defeats the evil tentacles of the Green Goblin and saves New York. In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Electro’s fate remains ambiguous. However, Sandman and The Lizard are clearly shown to have survived their fights against Spider-Man with Peter Parker. The former makes amends and is sent to a mental institution.

This suggests that the returning villains may have come from universes similar to Webb and Raimi’s films. However, none of them redeemed themselves and ended up fighting against their Spider-Man counterparts. This could lead to a moral dilemma for Peter Parke,r who wants them to return to their home reality, but not toom them. If characters such as Sandman or The Lizard were from the same reality, this might not be true.

This allows for more freedom to take with the villains and the older Spider-Man versions. No Way Home could adjust the villains to suit their story withoutfollowingw the scripts of previous Spider-Man films. This would be free from any concerns about continuity or fan backlash. Simultaneously having multiverse villains as variants would still permit their actors to return for one last, crowd-pleasing performance,e Spider-Man. This would conclude the MCU Spider-Man film franchise on a memorable note.


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