Fortnite Chapter 3: Tents & Camps Explained

Fortnite Chapter 3: Tents & Camps Explained

Fortnite Chapter 3: Tents & Camps Explained

Fortnite Chapter 3 has a ton of new mechanics and features that go with the new map. Tents are also available. It doesn’t sound as exciting, right?

Tents can be used to change the game, particularly in the squad or team-based modes. You can even create camps.

Fortnite’s newest item, the tent, allows players to store certain items inside and use them in future matches.

You can, for example, store a Legendary Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle inside one of the tent slots if you plan to use it again in the next match. Gold Bars can be used to purchase a third tent slot. You can find a tent item at the next game, and then you can take out the rifle and use it again.

You can lock your tents to ensure that no one else has access. Tents can also be used as hideouts like the hay bales or dumpsters in Chapter 2. Players can rest intents to recuperate HP, but they are not like those. Players can take down the tent and transport it anywhere they want.

Other players can use gold Bars to purchase tents from your tent.

After the tent is no longer needed, it can be discarded.

If you’re playing in specific modes, not all items can be found in your tent stash.

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