Fortnite Chapter 3: Tents & Camps Explained

Fortnite Chapter 3: Tents & Camps Explained

Fortnite Chapter 3: Tents & Camps Explained

The Victory Crown Chapter 3 is the most significant of all the many, many Fortnite changes. What is it exactly?

How to Get a Fortnite Victory Crown

The Victory Crown, not to be confused with Victory Umbrella, is an item that can be given to players who are in the following positions within the following modes.

Solo: The top four
Duos: Top two teams
Trios: Top team
Squads Top Team

They will be awarded the Victory Crown in their next match. You will receive a Crowned Victory Royale if you win a game and the Crowning Achievement emote.

They will be eliminated, and the Victory Crown will be awarded. However, players can drop the Victory Crown during matches if they do not want it.

Although it puts extra pressure on you to carry the Victory Crown around, it increases the amount of XP that you can earn. The Victory Crown might be the best way to make your Spider-Man skin unlockable and level up your Battle Pass.

Apex Legends’ Champion mechanic does influence the Victory Crown. The game’s version is a little simpler, offering XP bonuses to anyone who kills you. Fortnite’s version is more complicated and accessible to players.

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