Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific bugs, glitches and their potential solutions

Verdansk was sent to the big battle royale up in the sky. Now it’s time to descend into Caldera, a new arena for perpetual warfare. Call of Duty: Vanguard purchasers have full access to the new map one day earlier.

A big multiplayer update and a new map are always reasons to celebrate, but the Pacific update to Warzone appears to have introduced a lot of bugs and stability issues. Below is a list of problems we have encountered so far and what you can do to reduce them.

Warzone Pacific bugs players have reported so far.

Warzone Weapon model bug, also known as the polygon explosion glitch

Picking up weapons can cause the gun’s model to explode into a jagged, polygonal bramble. This is a replay of an earlier Warzone bug. It is quite an impressive sight. However, it would not be so annoying if the gun’s model didn’t follow you, blocking your view and preventing you from playing.

This glitch has also been observed with the MP40 submachine guns, but it often seems to be tied to the STG44 assault rifle. The only way to fix the problem is to switch to another weapon. It might be worth trying to avoid the STG while the issue is being addressed. Raven has acknowledged the problem, so there should be a solution.

Audio cutting out

Morgan Park, PC Gamer, has felt his mood ruined by the recurring audio glitch. We can only say that there are numerous reports to support this issue. Once a patch has been issued or a fix for users, we will update this page.

LoD loading issue

Multiple instances of environment textures not loading correctly have been reported to us. This was evident when we tried to swing our camera around in Unreal Engine 3, and it looked sloppy and muddy. It triggers when it happens and how long it lasts varies from one user to another. Some people will see it drop into the map, staying there for the entire match, while others may find it limited to a specific area of Caldera.

Although we have not yet encountered the issue ourselves, it has been reported by some users that the Texture Streaming option in the graphics menu fixes the problem.

Crash in Warzone Pacific

While most of the crashes in Warzone Pacific involve PS4 or PS5, we have also seen complaints about PC crashes. There is nothing that I see so far that seems unusual, such as a large-scale crash affecting a specific player group.

Crashes can occur for many reasons. Let us know if Warzone’s Pacific update is causing you problems. One of them confirmed that his drivers were current and average temperatures. It seems to be related to the texture detail issue on PS5, but that problem is so common it’s difficult to determine if it’s related.

Warzone Pacific’s launch-day woes are more severe than the usual threshold, but Raven will hopefully be able to resolve these problems. This page will be updated as new fixes and solutions are made available by players.–jour–jour

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