Skyrim’s werewolves were originally just going to be ‘people with dog heads’

It’s fantastic to transform into a Skyrim werewolf. You transform into a vast, powerful beast. You can run at incredible speeds on your fours. With one swipe of your claws, you can stagger giant creatures. Monsters will run away from you because of your terrifying howl. Skyrim’s best-known feature is its ability to transform into a werewolf.

It almost wasn’t. Skyrim’s werewolf was initially an average human body, with a dog’s skull on it. That’s it.

Jonah Lobe was Skyrim’s character artist and spoke to nine former Bethesda developers about Skyrim’s 10th Anniversary. They discuss many topics related to the development of the acclaimed RPG in an hour-long video called “You’re finally awake.”

“That was always absolutely funny, that it was going to be people with dog heads and normal bodies,” Nate Purkeypile (world artist) says in the video. They were going to scare everyone. Meanwhile, there’s a druggie cat guy in the city. Everyone is okay with him.”

Skyrim character artist Dennis Mejillones says, “It was terrible.” He wanted to make the werewolf a “big-time power fantasy” for players. Other Skyrim developers were resistant to his ideas. He said, “It would break a lot shit.” It did indeed break some things.

The werewolf runs at incredible speeds on its fours. The game could not load the scenery and worlds it created so fast that the werewolf ran incredibly fast. Mejillones explains that Jeremy Bryant, an animator, devised a clever trick to make it appear like the werewolf is running faster than the actual speed to prevent the game from being broken.

While not everyone was happy that the werewolf had to work in Skyrim for the team, Mejillones said he had one champion: Todd Howard.

Mejillones recalls that Todd was first shown the prototype. He was astonished. “And people were like, ‘But-–’ and he was like ‘No, it is going in. Dog head, it’s time to go. Hello, werewolf.—free-coins-updated-generator—free-coins-updated-generator/c/D8xQdKwR3uc

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