Review of ‘Solar Ash: 2021’s Most Coolest Game Is A SciFi ‘Shadow Of The Colossus.

Review of 'Solar Ash: 2021's Most Coolest Game Is A SciFi 'Shadow Of The Colossus.

Review of ‘Solar Ash: 2021’s Most Coolest Game Is A SciFi ‘Shadow Of The Colossus.

Solar Ash is an unexpected and ethereal fusion of many games and genres, much like the mysterious, ravenous rift where Rei finds herself. You will hear the Super Mario Galaxy and Sonic Adventure, Jet Set Radio, Shadow Of The Colossus echoes.

This new sci-fi adventure by Hyperlight Drifterstudio Heart Machine goes beyond a mix of influences. This is an adventurous and often brilliant journey that is beautiful and terrifying. Solar Ash is one of 2021’s most popular games and by far its most incredible.

Solar Ash takes place in the center of the Ultravoid, an anomaly that rips through the universe and consumes all matter. Rei is the latest Voidrunner who ventures into it to stop it. It’s sci-fi nonsense right from the start, and it’s all the more enjoyable for that.

Rei will be exploring the remains of different civilizations that the Ultravoid destroyed. She’ll find fascinating (and sometimes heartbreaking) stories from those who tried to avoid their fates. Although most of this content can be skipped, Rei’s mission is made more urgent by coming across piles upon bodies and audio logs left behind by desperate survivors in their last moments.

The gameplay is a satisfying, even repetitive, experience. Ultravoid’s Mario Galaxy-Esque worldwide has a few large open-world areas. Rei looks at each one, following a series of platforming puzzles to find waypoints that will destroy anomalies. Then, Rei summons an area boss and is taken down the same way.

It may sound simple, but it is. Solar Ashshines in its stylish gameplay, so repetition is not a problem. The world’s movement feels like a combination of Jet Set Radio and Sonic Adventure. Rei can glide, boost, and grind across the ruins of these forgotten planets. To progress through its many environmental challenges and boss fights, you will need to learn how to combine these skills.

Mainly the bosses are a highlight. These hulking alien creatures are both impressive in their size and difficult to conquer. These encounters contain more Shadow Of The Colossus. Rei must first find her way to each creature before she climbs aboard it and performs a series of well-timed sword strikes and jumps to get them out.

Sometimes it can be frustrating. Sometimes it can be frustrating because of the fiddly controls. If you make a mistake, your boss will throw you out and have to go after them again. When it all comes together, you glide gracefully across a massive behemoth after learning its patterns and weaknesses. The game’s hypnotic soundtrack is heavenly. Solar Ashtruly shines.

Solar Ash is a beautiful design that more than compensates for its flaws. The cover of Ultravoid is stunning and brings to life prog-rock music. It is an absolute joy to skate through to discover its many secrets. It would be too difficult to overlook its many flaws if it was longer. Solar Ash is a fast-paced adventure that’s well worth your time.

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