The new Cities: Skylines expansion is all about big modular airports

Skylines expanded its modular city fixtures by adding a DLC dedicated to Airports. The new airports look to follow the formula of the zoos, parks, industrial zones, and universities added in past DLC, making them miniature cities-within-the-cities.

“The Airports expansion lets you build your airports, put up gates, and connect them via concourse network. The official description says that you can design your ideal airports, from small local airfields to large international hubs.

It looks like you will connect the airport concourses to your more extensive travel network. For shipments of new goods or materials, there are cargo terminals. The roads will connect to the airports and buses, metros and train stations. (Trams and streetcars even? We’ll see.)

This is a big step up from the current airports in the game. These are just large buildings that you can erect. It will be a huge step up to transform them into fully customizable areas. Also, I am interested in how this expansion will be integrated into existing tourism and industry mechanics.–gold-in-top-war-2022–gold-2022

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