Pokémon Legends: Arceus Fan Discovers Hisuian Voltorb’s Secret Moustache

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Fan Discovers Hisuian Voltorb's Secret Moustache

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Fan Discovers Hisuian Voltorb’s Secret Moustache

A Pokemon Legends fan discovered a mustache on Hisuian Voltorb and turned it upside down. This led to theories about Electrode looking very similar.

A Pokemon Legends fan discovered a secret about Hisuian Voltorb when he turned it upside down. Hisuian Voltorb, the most recent Pokemon to be revealed for the upcoming Pokemon Series installment.

Hisuian Voltorb, an Electric and Grass version of regular Voltorb, is an Electric and Grass variation. This unique combination of Electric- and Grass-typing makes it the only Pokemon with both. They look similar to Hisuian Poke Balls and have wood-like grooves on their surface. Like normal Voltorbs, they are well-known for self-destructing and explosion. Hisuian Voltorb emits electric discharges from its head through the hole when it gets exciting. This leads to many human settlements being kicked out.

Hisuian Voltorb had another secret. Reddit user heavy_king took a photo of the Voltorb upside down and noticed its thick eyebrows look like a mustache. This is similar to other Pokemon with mustache-like designs, such as male Jellicent. Other users speculated that Hisuian Electrode might have the same design when Voltorb evolves.

In the months that have passed since the release of Pokemon Legends, Arceus, a variety of Hisuian Pokemon, has been revealed. Braviary, Hisuian Growlithe and Zorua are just a few of the examples. According to rumors, Pokemon Legends will have up to 17 Hisuian characters. Hisuian Quilfish is one of the most popular Hisuian forms. This was based on text in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Skeptics have also questioned this form. You can also find new evolutions of older Pokemon in the game like Stantler, Basculin and a Scyther.

Hisuian Electrode may have the same mustache design as the upside-down Voltorb. This would be clever foreshadowing. Alternately, the Electrode could have its mouth made of the eyebrows-mustache. A mustached Electrode would fit nicely with the unique Hisuian forms revealed so far and make for a clever alternate design for the upside-down Poke-Ball-Pokemon. Hisuian Pokemon can stand out from their regular counterparts in many ways. Growlithe is a type of kitsune that looks like a sheepdog. Although the differences are minor, this wooden Voltorb version is identifiable as a different animal from its previous forms.

There is much debate about the Hisuian varieties in the Pokemon Legends. One reason for this is Meowth, which has had variants in previous games. In the next entry of the Pokemonmainline series, the Scratch Cat Pokemon may get a new Hisuian version. It’s too early for us to know if a new Meowth form will be included in the game or if the original one will, but the possibility exists, and we have many options regarding its type and design.

Alola and Galar have been the only regions to offer variant forms. Since the introduction of variants, many Pokemon have received new forms. However, there is only one Pokemon who has received two. Legends. Arceus has hinted at Hisuian Pokemon Forms, and many fans eagerly await more. Meowth was given a regional variant in Gen 7, Sun and Moon, and Gen 8 Sword and Shield. It is the only species that has received a new variant in each region it has been in, so the question must be asked if the trend will continue. Legends will feature a Hisuian Meowth. Even Meowth’s original evolution, Persian, only has one variant. Gen 8’s Galarian Meowth received a completely new evolution, Berserker.

It’s impossible to know what a Hisuian Meowth looks like or its type, nor whether it will come with a Hisuian Persian or any other new evolution until more information is available or Legends releases. But there are still some options. Human forms might not be allowed to enter Pokemon’smainline. This means that the game may have no obligation to work with future generations. The game draws more on mythology than previous ones, so it is possible that the inspiration for the new Meowth could be found in Japanese lore. There are a few possibilities, however. The Dark and Steel types were used to create Alolan and Galarian forms.


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