System Shock remake is coming in 2022, so here’s 15 all-new screens

A partnership between Nightdive Studios, Prime Matter and Koch Media will bring us the System Shock remake we have been waiting for since last year. Nightdive released more than a dozen screens to commemorate the agreement. They showcase the dark horrors of Shodan’s original adventure.

Stephen Kick, CEO of Nightdive Studios, stated that Nightdive’s first deal with an external publisher. It will enable us to offer System Shock to all our fans, digitally and in physical goods formats. We also fully honor our commitments to our supporters, especially our thousands on Kickstarter. Without them, this game wouldn’t have been possible.

System Shock was initially released in 1994. It is an early immersive sim and tells the story of an AI-controlled space station in 2072. It was moderately popular and spawned a 1999 sequel, which I consider one of my favorite games ever, as well as Shodan, the mad machine-god. Jody, our weekend editor, described the Shodan revealed from System Shock 2 as one of the greatest moments in PC gaming years ago. Terri Brosius is the original voice of Shodan, and Nightdive claims it worked closely with other members of the original System Shock team.

Screenshots are not able to tell the whole story of any game. However, these screenshots capture the feel of System Shock. It is a dark, industrial cyber tale about corporate greed and the unhappiness that results. This is not the most complex narrative I’ve ever seen, and my attempts to replay the original System Shock a few years back did not work out. The mechanics and UI are not well-suited for modern-day gaming. Nightdive’s modernization approach is what I look forward to. If it can make the original accessible while also capturing what makes it so great, that should be a lot of fun.—add-unlimited-gems—add-unlimited-gems/c/ltvfe1r3Yjg

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