Vin Diesel Teases Another Productive Riddick 4 Meeting With Universal

Vin Diesel Teases Another Productive Riddick 4 Meeting With Universal

Vin Diesel Teases Another Productive Riddick 4 Meeting With Universal

Vin Diesel uses Instagram to promote progress on the long-awaited Riddick 4 and thank Universal Studios for “always believing that IP.”

Vin Diesel took to Instagram to update his fans about progress on the Riddick4. Diesel made his debut in 2000’s Pitch Black as the violent sci-fi antihero Riddick. This film was directed by David Twohy and created by Ken Wheat. Twohy would later direct and pen two more live-action sequels to the film’s success, The Chronicles of Riddick in 2004 and Riddick in 2013.

Since 2014, discussions about a fourth installment in the franchise have continued. Diesel announced that Universal Studios was interested after the third film’s home DVD sales. The project was initially scheduled to start production in 2017. Updates have been very inconsistent since then. Diesel did announce in 2019 that he had the script for the fourth film, Furya. This was after Diesel’s devastation of his homeworld. In September 2018, Diesel took to Instagram to announce that he had received the script for the fourth film dubbed a href=””>Furya, after Furya’s decimated homeworld.

Recent developments include Diesel He posting a candid, late-night workout video to Instagram. This continues his hype for the film. He says, “Throughout the clip, Riddick is here for all those who have been wondering about it. Another great day. Universal, thank you for believing in this IP. It’s exciting to me, and I hope you are as well. ” Watch the original video:

Although plans for Furya were not as well developed over the years due to Diesel’s focus on the long-running Fast and Furious franchises, it is encouraging news for Riddick fans that things are finally moving forward. The Riddick film franchise, which began as a small sci-fi film with a low budget and received a warm critical response, has gradually grown a loyal following. Although the character has been in many media, including novels and motion comics, it’s now more than eight years since his last appearance on the big screen.

The delays that Riddick4 experienced in their development are not uncommon in Hollywood. Other significant projects don’t make it past the early stages of development, such as Neill Blomkamp. These stories seem to be appearing in the news almost every day. However, Diesel’s return to the character looks closer than ever. Riddick4 won’t be the first big-named project to lose steam in development. Diesel fans will be eager to hear more about Riddick4‘s progress, and they will also keep their fingers crossed for a possible release date.

Vin Diesel teased a potential spinoff TV series called Merc City, in addition to Riddick 4. Diesel is best known for his portrayal of Dom Toretto, the cruel and obnoxious protagonist in Fast and Furious. However, the antihero Richard B. Riddick was the first character that he played that caught the public’s attention in 2000’s Pitch Black. Pitch Black, a mix of horror and sci-fi, was an ensemble piece. However, Riddick stood out as the most charismatic and intimidating of the group.

Riddick was the star of a franchise that was waiting to happen. So it wasn’t surprising when Vin Diesel returned to lead in The Chronicles of Riddick. Despite having a larger budget, this sequel was a hit with fans because it was different from Pitch Black and made Riddick a more popular hero. 2013’s Riddick was a modest success at the box office. However, it managed to win back some viewers by offering a more balanced approach between Chronicles of Riddick‘s tone and Pitch Black.

Diesel does not plan to retire Riddick anytime soon. Riddick4: Furya is still in development and a TV spinoff, Merc-City. Although it’s been a while since there has been a concrete update to Merc City, this could still be possible, considering Diesel’s determination when he wants a project done.

Vin Diesel and Riddick franchise manager David Twohy confirmed creating a spinoff show, Merc Street. Although they did not reveal specific plot details, Merc City will, as one might expect, be about the bounty hunters and mercenaries seen in the films. This seems like a natural idea for an outshoot. Given their prominence in all entries so far, it is unclear if any characters from the films will return, such as Katee Sackhoff ( Halloween Resurrection). Dahl. In 2017 Vin Diesel posted on Instagram that he had read and enjoyed a pilot script for Merc Street.

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