Jacob Batalon Addresses Ned Leeds’ Future In Next Spider-Man Trilogy

Jacob Batalon Addresses Ned Leeds' Future In Next Spider-Man Trilogy

Jacob Batalon Addresses Ned Leeds’ Future In Next Spider-Man Trilogy

Jacob Batalon, who was at the Spider-Man: No Way Homeworld premiere of Spider-Man: Spider-Man: The Way Home, answered a question about whether he would reprise his role in future Spider-Man movies. Spider-Man: No Way Home has already broken all pre-sale ticket records. This film is expected to be the next Christmas blockbuster. Recent teaser Amy Pascal, producer of Spider-Man: No Way Home, showed another Spider-Man trilogy from Disney and Sony starring Tom Holland as the titular hero in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ned is Peter Parker’s best friend. He accidentally discovers that Peter has a Death Star Lego model and becomes his best friend while visiting Peter’s house to show it off. Ned has been an integral supporting character in the MCU Spider-Man franchise. During the Thanos snaps with MJ (Zendaya) and Peter, he also appeared. Contrary to the films, Ned was a reporter at the Daily Bugle in Marvel comics. He was later brainwashed into taking on the role of Hobgoblin after finding the hideout of the actual Hobgoblin.

Variety interviewed Batalon during the Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere in Los Angeles. He was asked if he had been contracted to perform the adjourned Spider-Man trilogy. The possibility that Batalon could reprise his role as the titular Spider-Man has been discussed, given the recent announcements by Pascal and Feige. Batalon responded by sharing his thoughts on the possibility of Batalon reprising his role as Spider-Man in the next Spider-Man Trilogy. He stated, “Whatever happens happens.” We are supportive of Spider-Man regardless of what happens. Watch the exclusive clip below.

Many fans are speculating about the appearance of Hobgoblin within the MCU. There has been much speculation as to whether Batalon will be playing the role of the villain in the next trilogy. Some believe that Marvel may open the door to Ned’s successor, especially with the return of the Green Goblin, played by Willem Dafoe. Batalon stated that his character has many storylines and possibilities to be explored in the MCU. Some viewers even compared him to Miles Morales’ friend Gankee Lee. Holland recently suggested a Spider-Man prequel movie to explore Peter’s relationship with MJ and Ned.

It doesn’t matter if Batalon is back on the screen for the Spider-Man films; Batalon will continue his support and gratitude towards these films. Batalon’s portrayal as Ned is a favorite of many over the years. Many are eager to see him again in the subsequent iterations. It would be a significant departure from the Friend of Spider-Man, which fans love and are familiar with. It would be an exciting twist for Holland’s hero.

Spider-Man. Homecoming 3 could have Peter’s best friend Ned become the Hobgoblin. This would be even more thrilling than the return characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and previous Spider-Man movies. Spider-Man was one of many villains and heroes that the MCU brought to the big screen. Marvel Studios and Sony had reached a deal and Spider-Man, now played by Tom Holland, joined the MCU with Captain America: Civil War and then returned in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The movie introduced Holland as Peter Parker and the characters that were close to him. These included Aunt May (Marisa Tomes), Eugene “Flash,” Thompson (Tony Revolori), Ned Leeds and Jacob Batalon (Jacob Batalon), each of which was completely different from his comic book counterpart. Ned isn’t a reporter for Daily Bugle and isn’t constantly competing with Peter. Instead, he became Peter’s best friend from high school. Ned was also the first to discover Peter’s Spider-Man alter-ego. He has helped Peter cover his identity no matter where he is. Ned was last seen in Spider-Man Far From Home and will return in Spider-Man Homecoming 3. He might be going through a much-anticipated transformation.

An image shared by Flash Thompson on Instagram showed Ned (Angourie Rice) and Betty (Flash Thompson), with a poll asking for their opinion on who is worse. Each character had elements drawn over it, Betty wearing a flower and pink hair, while Ned was given an orange triangular hat/hat, which is reminiscent of the Hobgoblin hood. Ned Leeds, the third character to assume the Hobgoblin role in the comics, is Ned. This happens after the real Hobgoblin brainwashes Betty and uses her as a stand-in. However, Ned is killed before she can tell the truth. Ned could have started his journey to becoming Hobgoblin. This transformation is new to the MCU and is more exciting than characters from previous Spider-Man films.

Although Hobgoblin is familiar with television and video games, he has not yet leaped the big screen. Having Ned play the role of the villain would be a new twist in Spider-Man’s history and an excellent opportunity for the future. Spider-Man 3 could be packed with characters. Jamie Foxx will return as Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Alfred Molina will reprise his Spider-Man 2 role of Doctor Octopus, and Benedict Cumberbatch will play Doctor Strange. Fans also hope that Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Andrew Garfield will join the team to kickstart the “Spider-Verse.” These characters and additions are all exciting, familiar (some are fan-favorites, such as Molina’s Spider-Man 2 role as Electro), and Ned as Hobgoblin. Fans also hope for Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire to join the “Spider-Verse” to kickstart the “Spider-Verse properly.”

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