New World game director admits ‘we’ve made some mistakes by moving too fast’

Amazon’s fantasy MMO New World was hampered by bugs, bots and exploits. Although the situation is now stable, or at least not as bad, the player counts are still good. Currently, more than 104,000 people are using it on Steam. However, it still has a mixed user rating.

Scot Lane, New World’s game director, stated that live games are the studio’s “top priority” in an interview with PCGamesN. He also said that players get their full attention when things go wrong. He explained that this does not hinder the development and release of new content.

Lane stated that they can still work on future content, even though it is highly specialized. “For example, the recent in-game coin issue required engineers to understand the code. The Void Gauntlet update was handled differently by different gameplay engineers, designers and artists.

At this stage, New World must be “the best experience” and not push out new content. Amazon has increased its testing resources and launched an open-source test server. Lane stated that while we have made mistakes in moving too quickly, Lane admitted that they are still trying to find the right balance between speed and quality. “Our goal is give every player an amazing experience. As a team we get better at patching, testing, and that.”

Developers are improving the new World’s endgame activities. Solo players will also benefit from new content in the early and middle of the game. Lane suggested other possibilities such as expanding New World’s size, allowing more than one server account and launching new servers. However, Lane said that this one is “far off the horizon.” More minor tweaks are being made, like a recent update that allows players to run faster on roads.

Lane stated that “We’re looking into the future and working to connect players who are searching for expeditions and adding quest and crafting markers,” “There will be map improvements and many other things.”

New World developers recently introduced a new seasonal event to the PTR, Winter Convergence. It is expected to be live shortly.—add-unlimited-diamonds—add-unlimited-diamonds/c/f7drS6irGh0—how-to-get-free-diamonds—how-to-get-free-diamonds/c/zdXzWVnfam8

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