Reese Witherspoon Offers Update On Legally Blonde 3

Reese Witherspoon Offers Update On Legally Blonde 3

Reese Witherspoon Offers Update On Legally Blonde 3

Reese Witherspoon provided updates to her fans regarding her progress as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. Witherspoon’s debut was in the 2001 Legally Blonde film. Based on Amanda Brown’s novel, Witherspoon plays a sorority girl trying to win her ex-boyfriend back by enrolling at Harvard Law School. The film grossed over $141 million worldwide and was a huge success. It also spawned the 2003 sequel Legally Blonde 2 Red, White and Blonde, a direct-to DVD spinoff film Legally Blondes, and a stage musical.

In May 2013, it was revealed that a third Legally Blonde film starring Witherspoon had been in the works. The script was written by The Office’s Mindy Kaling and Brooklyn Nine Ninescreenwriter Dan Goor. Although potential story details were scarce until recently, Pamela Abdy, an MGM executive, confirmed last month that Elle, Witherspoon’s character, will be portrayed as a mother who has a career. Although producers are keen to see Luke Wilson return as Emmett Witherspoon’s on-screen husband, it is unknown if this will happen.

Recently, Witherspoon spoke to Variety and updated the project to eager fans. The actress revealed that she doesn’t know when filming the Legally Blonde 3quel will start. But Witherspoon did admit that she talks with Kaling all the time about the script”. ” You can see her complete comments below.

Right now, we are only working on the script. We can make movies when we have a script. Ask Mindy Kaling! It’s not something I know about, but Mindy Kaling and I often talk about it.

MGM originally planned to release Legally Blonde 3 in May 2022. However, this latest revelation may indicate that the release window is now in doubt. It seems unlikely that the film will be released in six months, as Witherspoon says that the script is still being finalized. Production delays and changes in release dates are not uncommon for big-name productions like this one. The studio will want to see the film begin production as soon as possible.

While Witherspoon’s loyal fans will be disappointed to hear that Legally Blonde l isn’t further along, they would appreciate the need for Kaling to finish the script first. Fans will be expecting nothing less from Witherspoon as Elle Woods, one of her most beloved and memorable movie roles. While fans wait for filming to begin on Legally Blonde, Witherspoon will be seen in the film adaptation Where The Crawdads Sing in June next year.

Amazon Studios has recently purchased MGM Studios for $8.5 billion. This deal brings in many established franchises and more anticipated TV shows and movies. Amazon Studios is attempting to compete with Netflix streaming. It has acquired successful original series like Jack Ryan and The Underground Railroad. Invincible was also acquired. Oscar-nominated movies such as Sound of Metal, Manchester by the Sea, and Invincible have been added. Amazon will attract more streamers by acquiring the massive movies and shows that MGM used as a classic Hollywood studio.

This Amazon deal comes when other streaming services are also involved in media consolidation. This reduces the number of options and competition for streaming services. NBC reported that Amazon purchased MGM for $3 billion more than the reported value. This suggests that the company has plans to increase its subscriber base with its new series and films. It appears that the deal cost Disney more than Disney’s purchase of mega-franchises Marvel and Star Wars.

Other streaming services, such as Hulu or HBO Max, may have issues with the acquisition. They already have contracts for certain films and series from Amazon’s new catalog. Amazon will bring in a century of intellectual property of high value. Still, some of the bankable classic films series have already been placed on HBO Max by Turner Classic Movies. Amazon will also own the studio rights to new Ridley Scott- and Paul Thomas Anderson movies and the James Bond, Rocky and Poltergeist franchises. Here is a list listing all the movies and TV shows that Amazon will now own from MGM.

No Time To Die

In October 2021, Daniel Craig will return to Bond as the highly anticipated 25th James Bond episode, No Time To Die. Amazon will own North American, digital and television distribution rights for the film. However, it is unclear when the film will be available on Amazon streaming. Universal also has international rights. The acquisition comes just a few months before’s theatrical launch and a few years after production began. This deal won’t likely affect the film’s theatrical release, nor will it mean that it will be available sooner on Amazon Prime.

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