Twitch MAGA-streamer HasanAbi suspended over ongoing ‘cracker’ controversy

HasanAbi, a popular streamer, has been suspended by Twitch for one week. He claims it was because he used the term ‘crackers’ on-stream.

Shortly after he ended his stream on December 13, he was given the ban. During which time, a viewer had challenged him on using the term to describe white people. He defended the use of the word in an earlier stream.

“I’ve been called cracker more times than any one of you f g pasty little cracker bitches during my chat, okay?” HasanAbi responded to a viewer calling it an “umbrella hateful” term for white people. Do you know why I’m called a cracker more often than you? Because I’m very online, okay?

HasanAbi said, “Recognize that the person calling yourself a fucking Cracker is powerless. It’s true. You are powerless to call someone a fucking cracker. They act like someone who has been historically oppressed and wants to let off steam. At the same time, you can argue that it’s infantilizing, that’s the truth because that word has no historical or contemporary oppression. There is no historical and contemporary oppression associated with being white.

HasanAbi took to Twitter after his suspension and stated that “it is exactly as you think it is” while claiming it was because he used the term “cracker.” His comments and subsequent ban caused controversy on Reddit, Twitter and elsewhere, with many arguing over whether HasanAbi was right. YouTuber Kurtis CONNER replied to HasanAbi’s tweet with “bruhhhh,” while Daniel Ahmad, an industry analyst, said: “Kinda crazy how Twitch responded quicker to this absolute nonissue than to the actual racism that POC streamers encounter on the platform.”

Others thought that the ban was more justified. Reddit user: “While I understand that the c-word isn’t a racist/not-racist slur, but he clearly wasn’t joking about his usage of it and the attitude that went with it,” wrote one user. “This could have been avoided.” Another user described his ban as “an absolutely hilarious conclusion of the last two-and-a half years’ drama.”

HasanAbi will be suspended for one week. He says that he will join Ludwig on YouTube and appear with Amouranth on Ethan Klein’s channel.–largent-infini-2022—pas-de-sondage—gnrateur-dargent-et-de-rp-illimits-en-ligne

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