Spider-Man: No Way Home Early Reviews Say MCU Movie Lives Up To The Hype

Spider-Man: No Way Home Early Reviews Say MCU Movie Lives Up To The Hype

Spider-Man: No Way Home Early Reviews Say MCU Movie Lives Up To The Hype

Finally, the Spider-Man – No Way Home movie review is in. The latest Marvel Studios/Sony collaboration, directed by Jon Watts, will mark the end of Tom Holland’s first MCU trilogy. Spider-Man will tie together all three Spider-Man movie generations with characters from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Trilogy and Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man movies.

After the thrilling ending to Spider-Man Far From Home was over, Spider-Man: No Way Home will have Peter Parker confront the consequences of his secret identity being exposed to the world. The movie doesn’t focus on Peter’s dilemma. Instead, multiversal threats like Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock or Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin keep Peter (Benedict Cumberbatch) busy. The threequel has many exciting things, including the possible return of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man’s previous incarnations. The Spider-Man: No Way Home movie review gives insight into what fans can expect from this blockbuster.

Marvel Studios and Sony decided to release total reviews of the movie, just days after its global premiere and unlike other MCU movies, which have an earlier embargo for non-spoiler social network reactions. This was done to protect the plot and prevent accidental leaks from ruining the theater experience. You can see the comments of critics in excerpts from Spider-Man: No Way Home movie review:

Mae Abdulbaki Screen Rant

No way home has the ability to fly higher than any other Spider-Man entry in the MCU thanks to Peter taking matters into his own hands. The film explores what Spider-Man is like and what he aspires for. Do they help those in need? Or do they leave them behind. These questions are a major part of his story, and add gravitas to his quest to be a hero. No way home feels more like an Spider-Man movie. It’s funny, but it’s also very heartfelt, humorous, and hilarious.

Kate Erbland, IndieWire

Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe may not be willing to take risks, especially in standalone features that could have a negative impact on the rest of the slate, “No Way Home,” is not afraid to throw down a completely new gauntlet. With a reverent eye to the past and a hope for a better future, it isn’t afraid to try something new. Although the road to “No Way Home’s closing moments was not without its bumps, it was both heartbreaking and warm-hearted.

John Defore THR

While some fan service is quite good, others are too obvious to expect actors to glance at the camera after they have finished speaking. No way home uses its multiversal mayhem in the end to address the problem with the Holland-era webslinger. This is because his already impressive powers are constantly being overshadowed and distorted by Tony Stark’s gadgets. Although this is not the most enjoyable of the Watts/Holland photos (intentionally), it’s still a great deal better than Sam Raimi’s overstuffed, ill-conceived Spider-Man 3..

Matt Singer, Screen Crush

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