Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance is finally on PC

Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance is an action-RPG version of BioWare’s epic Dungeons & Dragons adventure. It debuted on the Xbox in 2001. A remastered version of the game made an unexpected appearance on PlayStation 2 and Xbox 3 earlier this year. Publisher Black Isle Studios also confirmed that it would be coming to PC. We now have another surprise: the PC version is available today.

Dark Alliance is very different from the Baldur’s Gate games it inspired. It places more emphasis on action than RPG. You can choose from three characters: an elf sorceress or a dwarf warrior and a human archer. The journey takes you from the sewers below Baldur’s Gate to Burning Eye Mountain, ending at the Underdark. The campaign can be played solo or with a two-player local coop. Remote Play is available in Steam so that you can go adventuring even if your friend is elsewhere.

Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance is $30. I’m not lying; this price makes me a little nervous. Although the 4K update is nice, it is still a 20-year old PS2 game. This is large since it has never been available on PC. Baldur’s Gate 2: The Enhanced Edition costs $20. There are many cheaper options if you’re looking for an action RPG that you can enjoy.

If nostalgia or curiosity drive you, or you are a hard-core completionist who has waited for this day for over two decades, it’s finally your time. Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance is now available on Steam and GOG. It’s also heading to the Epic Games Store.–generator-of-star-coins-and-jorvik-2022—get-unlimited-jorvik–star-coins-2022

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