DNF Duel: Kunoichi Moveset Revealed

DNF Duel: Kunoichi Moveset Revealed

DNF Duel: Kunoichi Moveset Revealed

People and Arc System Works quickly released trailers for DNF Duel’s second set of characters. Kunoichi is confirmed as the next roster member.

This character is fast and fire, and it’s easy to play. This is what we have seen thus far.

What role will this character play?

Kunoichi, as seen in the trailer below shows, is a character who uses fire magic and throws Ninja tools at her enemies.

Although Kunoichi is not mobile as fast as other close-ranged fighters but he does have a lot of projectiles. These include fire breath, fireballs, fire tornados, raining fireballs and a flame frog that emits large fireballs.

DNF Duel: Kunoichi Moveset Revealed

Kunoichi could be a setplay-oriented character that loves to score knockdowns on foes like the Inquisitor. After she has defeated her opponents, she can create a fire spell that makes it difficult for her foes immediately to retaliate.

Kunoichi’s longer weapon may be more effective for neutral than the Inquisitor, but it could also be useful for Kunoichi’s faster attacks using her shorter weapons.

Only one DNF Duel character remains to be revealed after her reveal. Neople and Arc System Works were quick to introduce this character set. This means that they can finally reveal the tenth character just before the PlayStation Dungeon Fighter Duel opens beta begins this weekend.

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