Survival game Icarus brings 64,000 lost and dead characters back to life

It’s not over when you die in the survival game Icarus. You can either respawn to collect your gear, or a friend can revive you. There is also a permadeath in Icarus. Along with all their learning skills, your character will be lost forever if your mission timer runs out. It is not something you want to miss on your rocket ride into space.

Some players may not have understood the permadeath feature. Or maybe they stopped playing during a mission and didn’t start the game again until the end of the mission timer. The timer will continue running even if you’re not actively playing. It seems like some players were shocked to lose their progress and characters. Icarus launched with bugs and has had to experience a few server outages. Some players may have missed their rocket rides due to no fault of their own.

You might boot up Icarus to check if you have lost a character. The character you lost might be still alive or even in space. RocketWerkz, a developer on Steam, stated yesterday that it had “revived 22,000 [abandoned] character and 42,000 dead characters that were left over on prleftoverfter the time ran out.”

The post states that there are many ways your character could have been lost, including your hard-earned XP and talents. “We may not have been clear enough to new players learning the game that unless you return to your dropship before the timer expires, then you lose your character permanently–abandoned on the planet surface. These issues are not common for all players, but it is very painful to lose a character unjustly.

I have not lost any characters in Icarus. I’ve been to many deaths, but I always returned to my drop pod before the time ran out. I cannot confirm the miraculous restoration, so I don’t know for sure. It’ll probably be a relief for anyone who has lost a character because of a bug or server outage.

This is a temporary event. If you remove a character from the planet before the mission timer expires, they will be gone forever.

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