Warzone Players Want Changes in Vanguard Sniper Rifles

Warzone Players Want Changes in Vanguard Sniper Rifles

Warzone Players Want Changes in Vanguard Sniper Rifles

The Season 1 Warzone is progressing, and Sniper Rifles are difficult. However, the meta continues its evolution, much to the community’s dismay. Players are requesting buffs to the Kar98k and 3-Line Rifle to perform in Caldera.

Reddit user SP4R74N listed some possible changes Raven Software could make to improve the performance of sniper rifles during battle royale. Players also noted that the Kar98k feels good in Vanguard but is ineffective in Warzone.

Reddit users pointed out that powerful weapons in Vanguard feel weaker in Warzone. Warzone players without Call of Duty: Vanguard cannot use the starting reticle of the new sniper rifles. Some may interpret this as a win-to-win mechanism.

While the 3-Line Rifle appears to have a decent bullet velocity, the issue with poor aim-down sight speed is a problem for all Vanguard sniper guns. One user commented, “The VG Kar98 hits Vanguard hard. But I tried it in Warzone. I was shooting pellets.” It was terrible.”

However, not all are unhappy about the current state of sniper rifles. Many opinions on the Kar98k, and many feel it is overlooked. It is not as powerful as the Swiss, but it can still impact long-distance duels.

Raven Software Will Buff Sniper Rifles When?

Some defended the Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle. However, the Warzone community believes that Vanguard’s Snipers need some buff to be viable options. We don’t yet know if Raven Software plans to improve sniper rifles. Although they may be fine for a small portion of the community, most people agree that they aren’t as good as the snipers who came before them.

Players are complaining about glitches and gun meta-issues that plague the game.

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