Fortnite Player Discovers Trick To Stay Alive While Down

Fortnite can be a frustrating experience. Most players must wait for their teammates to finish eliminating the enemy to be revived. If they don’t get there quickly enough, players will have to take their reboot card and resurrect the player at a reboot van. Fortnite players have found a way around it.

This trick works only if the downed player is within reach of a Mending Machine and crawls there before their life ends. Fortnite players can heal themselves with Mending Machines. They are also used in the exploit. Players who are downed must crawl to a Mending Machine and spend 200 gold bars to cure themselves partially. This can allow them to remain downed for an unlimited amount of time, provided that they have enough gold bars to continue healing.

This exploit is especially useful for players after the storm circle has almost closed in. It’s when it becomes difficult to locate reboot vans that aren’t in the storm. The Fortnite map only has 12 Mending Machines, so that the trick won’t be something players will use often.

Fortnite players have discovered a few exploits this year, including the Mending Machine trick. The Neighborly hang, a new Spider-Man emote, is the latest example. This allows players to remain suspended above doorways while their feet are not visible. The emote causes them to hang upside-down without their feet touching any ground. Epic Games has yet to fix the emote, as it was recently released.

Fortnite’s biggest glitch of the year was not the only one. There were several other glitches that fans have seen, including one that allowed players complete healing and another that caused players to lose their gold bars at the end of every match. Epic Games quickly fixed the problem as many players considered it game-breaking.

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