Iron Man Reveals The Tragic Cost Of Being A Marvel Superhero

Iron Man Reveals The Tragic Cost Of Being A Marvel Superhero

Iron Man Reveals The Tragic Cost Of Being A Marvel Superhero

It’s not easy to be a superhero. Iron Man has just described the terrible cost of being one of Earth’s Greatest Heroes. Avengers 51 sees Tony Stark meet a furious Thor of Asgard who has just learned that his mother may be the Phoenix Force. Iron Man tells the Iron Man that being a superhero can often mean not having an average family.

Thor’s life was forever changed when he learned that his mother was not Gaea but the Phoenix Force. Odin had a relationship with him as a member of the Avengers of 1,000,000 BCE. Thor has not reacted well to the news as he struggles to understand what it means for him, his powers, and his existence. Thor is now distraught by the truth because Echo, who currently holds the Phoenix Force, has been closely linked to the Avengers. Iron Man, who is dealing with his family problems, is offering sound advice to his friend.

In Avengers #51, Juan Frigeri and David Curiel (VC’s Cory Petit), Iron Man hunts down Thor on Asgard. The God of Thunder uses the Destroyer’s armor as a punching bag to vent his anger. Tony Stark attempts to make contact with Thor despite his anger. Iron Man informs him that he has met many strange people, including spider-people and people dressed like frogs. But there is one type of people he doesn’t know: heroes who have happy families.

Stark told Thor that he knows many families who want to kill one another, but very few live happy lives. Iron Man openly admits that he grew up with difficult parents. Iron Man refers to Thor, saying that he understands his anger and what it’s like – while telling his friend that his parentage doesn’t define him, but that he’s become a god and Avenger and a king regardless of his parents.

Stark is quite sure of what he’s talking to in this case. Stark’s childhood trauma and revelations regarding his family made him question who he is. Moreover, few people have happy, full-time families, regardless of whether they are Spider-Man, Shang-Chi, or Hulk. Thor may have believed he knew his identity after becoming King of Asgard. However, learning more about his connection with the Phoenix Force must feel like a step back for him. Iron Man has it right. There’s a terrible price to being a hero. It’s the way heroes deal with the situations that make them unique. Avengers #51 can be found in comic book shops now.


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