Overwatch Goes Free To Play For The Holidays

Overwatch Goes Free To Play For The Holidays

Overwatch Goes Free To Play For The Holidays

Blizzard Entertainment will host Overwatch as a free-to-play experience on PC and consoles during the holidays. Last holiday season, a similar free trial for Overwatch was available. This allowed new players to try it for a short time at no cost. The popular online shooter was also offered free-of-charge in December last year, along with discounts that significantly reduced its price.

Overwatch is a hero-based multiplayer shooter. It was launched in May 2016. It quickly gained popularity due to its fantastic art style and action-packed gameplay. Interestingly, many associate Overwatch with the rise of the modern loot box craze, though Blizzard’s hero shooter managed to avoid becoming embroiled in most of the microtransaction-related controversy. It seems that this was possible by sticking to cosmetic items and avoiding loot box rewards that could affect gameplay. You can now find out why Overwatch has such high regard.

GameSpot reports that Overwatch will continue its free trial of Overwatch throughout the holiday season. The title will be available for free on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Mac until Sunday, January 2. Like previous free trials, new players will have access to every aspect of the multiplayer shooter. This includes all the in-game modes and 28 maps. This limited-time offer allows Overwatch players to experiment with customization and progression. The annual Winter Wonderland event, which ends on Thursday, January 6, offers a wide range of game modes and skins that both new and old players will enjoy while they last.

It seems like the right time to join the Overwatch group, mainly since the wait for Overwatch2 is still quite a while. Blizzard revealed the sequel at BlizzCon 2019. Many fans were captivated by a long “Zero Hour” cinematic. In the nearly two years that have passed, not much has been said about the project.

Blizzard made a notable announcement several weeks back. Overwatch2 was delayed. Although the delay news did not mention a new release window for Overwatch 2, some believe that the shooter is now behind schedule for its 2022 launch. Overwatch2 may continue to be in production until 2023.


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