Super Pumped Trailer Teaser Reveals Joseph Gordon Levitt As Uber CEO

Super Pumped Trailer Teaser Reveals Joseph Gordon Levitt As Uber CEO

Super Pumped Trailer Teaser Reveals Joseph Gordon Levitt As Uber CEO

A teaser trailer for Showtime’s new series SUPERPULLED: The Battle For Uber has been released. It sees Joseph Gordon Levitt play the role of Uber founder Travis Kalanick. The show’s executive producers are Billions creators Brian Koppelman, and David Levien who also serve as writers/showrunners. Gordon-Levitt will appear alongside a stellar supporting cast, which includes Uma Thurman and Kyle Chandler. Chandler plays Venture capitalist Bill Gurley while Thurman will portray Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post founder.

Super Pumped is an anthology series that will explore various stories in the business world. Season 1 will bring Mike Isaac’s book Superpumped: The Battle for Uber alive on the small screen. The series will explore the highs and lows associated with running the highly successful ride-hailing service. Kalanick’s time as CEO at Uber was fraught with controversy, and Uber’s investors eventually fired the businessman in 2017.

Now has a teaser for the series. It gives viewers their first glimpse at Kalanick as Gordon-Levitt. The trailer isn’t too detailed, but Kalanick can be seen giving a motivational speech before Gurley. He refers to Gurley as ” a liability.” In the teaser, Thurman is seen as Huffington. She describes Kalanick ” as the notorious bad-boy in tech.” These soundbites include a variety of clips that provide insight into what viewers can expect from the series and some of those controversies surrounding Kalanick. You can see the trailer below.

After it was announced that Mr. After just one season, Corman was canceled, while starring in the lead role, the actor also wrote, directed, and executive produced the show. His latest venture, Super Pumped, was in development at Showtime from 2019, but it wasn’t until this year that Gordon-Levitt was announced to be joining the cast.

Gordon-Levitt’s talent as an actor is evident from his many memorable performances. But this role will showcase his Inception acting skills. Showtime stated that the series would ” portray the roller-coaster ride experienced by upstart transportation company” while calling Uber ” both an amazing and cautionary tale.” Although this teaser does not give much insight into what to expect from the seven-part series, Super Pumped will likely offer an informative, though somewhat dramatic, look at the inner workings of one of Silicon Valley’s most successful start-ups when it launches on Showtime on February 27th, 2022.


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