PS5 Trailer Confirms Deathloop Console Exclusivity End Date

PS5 Trailer Confirms Deathloop Console Exclusivity End Date

PS5 Trailer Confirms Deathloop Console Exclusivity End Date

A new PS5 trailer features text that confirms Deathloop’s console exclusive status will end in 2022. Sony and Bethesda Softworks has confirmed Deathloop’s PS5 exclusive in December 2020. This news came months after Microsoft announced its plans to buy ZeniMax Media, Bethesda’s parent company.

The third-party deal was signed by PlayStation long before Microsoft. In addition to the deal with Bethesda, the former also agreed to a timed exclusive for Tango Gameworks’ PhantomWire: Tokyo. According to some reports, PlayStation also wanted Starfield to be a third-party exclusive. However, Bethesda was not willing to accept any terms. S platforms only. According to a new trailer, Sony will be able to keep one Bethesda-published title for a while longer.

MP1st spotted a trailer uploaded by the Deathloop official Twitter account. The trailer’s opening card noted that the shooter’s PS5 exclusivity will end in September 2022. The bottom screen displays text that reads: “Also Available on PC.” Available only on PC until at least 9/14/22. The listed date is exactly one-year after Deathloop’s worldwide release. It’s safe to assume that Sony’s other deals will also last twelve months. You can also see the Deathloop video trailer in the next post.

Arkane Studios’ latest shooter will not be available to Xbox owners for nine months. The title features Colt and Julianna as assassins who find themselves in a time loop on Blackreef island. Death loop isn’t a roguelike, but it does contain elements that can make the experience a bit more difficult for some players.

Xbox gamers need not worry. S console exclusive is set to launch on an unspecified date in 2022. Arkane teased Redfall at E3 2021 by teasing a multiplayer adventure featuring vampire hunters in a post-apocalyptic setting. Although not much has been revealed about the experience, it is high up on many most-anticipated games lists for 2022.


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