Xbox Game Pass Added Over $6000 Of Games In 2021 Alone

Xbox Game Pass Added Over $6000 Of Games In 2021 Alone

Xbox Game Pass Added Over $6000 Of Games In 2021 Alone.

According to a new report, Xbox Game Pass has added more than $6,000 worth of games in 2021. This could prove that the subscription service is the best value on the market. Xbox added day-one titles such as Forzahorizon 5 and Halo infinite to its catalog throughout the year. Many of these games were also available on older Xbox consoles that have been upgraded with FPS Boosts for Series X/S.

Xbox Game Pass allows users to access hundreds of Xbox games across the history of Xbox. It is also available for PC. The Xbox Game Pass service is well-respected for offering many options to its customers. This includes services like Xbox Cloud Gaming, which allows users to play games on their mobile devices and from their PC. Xbox Game Pass regularly adds and subtracts games from its library. This month, the service welcomed several family-friendly titles to celebrate the holidays, as well as a campaign that joined Game Pass the day it launched.

A report by the Loadout shows that the value of new Xbox Game Pass games in 2021 is $6,317.35. This is a remarkable figure compared with the $15 per month cost for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. To calculate the value, the publication added the cost of each Xbox Game Pass game during 2021 at the Microsoft Store price. According to the report, March provided the most outstanding value for players with Game Pass additions totaling $964.67. This is partly due to Bethesda’s acquisition and subsequent release of some Bethesda classics via Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass remains one of the best ways to get a wide range of new and existing games, but many gamers are still waiting for a competitor from Sony. Although PS Plus or PS Now subscriptions are available to PlayStation users, they don’t offer the same perks as Game Pass. Sony claims it is developing a Game Pass competitor, but they have not confirmed this.

Xbox Game Pass has seen a surprising amount of new games and day one releases in 2021. The service may get even better and more popular in the next year. Thanks to Bethesda’s acquisition, Xbox gamers can expect a wide range of new games. Many of these will be available as part of the Game Pass service. Fans still await news about the Bethesda RPG Starfield and the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls 6. This is an Xbox exclusive.


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