Animal Crossing Player Recreates Witcher 3’s Roach on a Roof Meme

Animal Crossing Player Recreates Witcher 3's Roach on a Roof Meme

Animal Crossing Player Recreates Witcher 3’s Roach on a Roof Meme

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt fan has made a parody of Animal Crossing: New Horizons by recreating the Roach On a Roof meme from CD Projekt Red. The Witcher 3’s open-world world and detailed stories are what the game is best remembered for. However, the Roach on the roof meme is one the most popular internet jokes about the title.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt has been hailed as one of the greatest RPGs ever made, but it’s not without its hilarious glitches and bugs. The game was released in 2015. CDPR developers worked with CDPR to fix a few launch issues. It has become one of the most popular games in its genre. One of the most popular The Witcher 3 memes glitches is the Roach On a Roof meme. This meme sees Geralt’s horse spawn on top of buildings and houses.

Redditor butIDigress79 shared a glimpse at their Witcher-themed Island, with Roach and a roof. A Springy ride-on horse is used in the meme. It’s placed on a cleverly-created home with Simple Panels and the Storefront item. Their meme is complete when the user puts on a fantasy-style outfit worn by their character. Roach looks in their direction while Roach uses the confusing Reaction. Reddit users have been showcasing their appreciation for the hilarious meme, which demonstrates the creativity of the Nintendo classic.

Reddit has a post about this.

The recent 2.0 update made it possible to create the clever Animal Crossing meme reproduction. It was launched in November along with the paid Happy Home Paradise DLC. The update to the base game introduced many new features such as farming and cooking and new items, including the popular Storefront. Before the Storefront was added, players had to be creative with items such as the Stall to build their islands. However, the Storefront makes it much easier to add custom buildings.

Animal Crossing won’t get any Witcher merchandise, but The Witcher 3 fans will soon get additional DLC when the next-gen upgrades are released. CD Projekt Red has confirmed that upgrades will include additional Witcher content inspired by the Netflix series. However, a specific release date has not been confirmed.


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