How Doctor Who’s Canceled Graphic Novel Would Have Tied Into Flux

How Doctor Who’s Canceled Graphic Novel Would Have Tied Into Flux

How Doctor Who’s Canceled Graphic Novel Would Have Tied Into Flux

Flux could explain one of Doctor Who’s mysteries by a canceled Doctor Who graphic book. Chris Chibnall, the current Doctor Who host, brought back John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness during season 11. This set him up for a bright future. Russell T. Davies was the showrunner of the character, making sporadic appearances. He also acted as Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor companion for a while. The return of Captain Jack Harkness in season 11 was a delight to fans. Barrowman appeared in the 2021 Holiday Special “Revolution of the Daleks,” which seemed to hint at a possible revival of Torchwood.

Then everything went downhill. Barrowman was accused of exposing himself during the production of Doctor Who in the Davies era. The BBC seems to have blocklisted him – they don’t want any family drama associated with such scandals. Barrowman was cast as Captain Jack in a Big Finish audio drama. The mysterious Captain Jack graphic book was also pulled. It was intended to be tied into Doctor Who. It has been a source of intense speculation as to how this relates to the plot of Doctor Who Season 12.

A brief plot synopsis published by Penguin Random House provided a clue. The summary states that this was intended to tie into Doctor Who Episode 2, in which the Sontarans invade Earth. Captain Jack would then be transported through an “window” ta19th-century Cardiff.

Captain Jack Harkness, who is kicking alien fatt and looking great doing it, is transported back in time to 19th Century Cardiff… once again!

Realizing that many things are going on, he sets out in search to discover what the Victorian-era Torchwood Institute team is up to behind closed doors. He hopes to solve the mystery as to why time windows keep popping up everywhere. He discovers something shocking, which will leave him in need of some help from old friends.

This bold, new story is straight from the hit TV series. It ties in directly with the second episode of the highly-anticipated series 13.

It is reasonable to suppose that the graphic novel would have started with Captain Jack facing the Sontarans. This might give more insight into the alien-occupied Earth. However, the fascinating detail in the synopsis is the “Time-window,” which transports Captain Jack through time and space. Doctor Who episode 2: The Doctor was separated from Yaz and Dan through mysterious temporal events. Dan led a resistance against Sontarans in Liverpool, and Yaz was transported to the mysterious Temple of Atropos. This sounds very similar to the “time-window” which has s pirited Captain Jack away. It’s possible that the Captain Jack graphic novel, written by Jody and featuring art by Roberta Ingranata, could have explained these phenomena.

Chris Chibnall, the current Doctor Who Showrunner, clearly prefers a transmedia approach in storytelling. Doctor Who Episode 5 made a Doctor Who Magazine Dalek story canon. The upcoming 2022 Holiday Special features Executioner Daleks, a variant Dalek introduced at 2020’s “Time Lord Victorious.” It is unlikely that the show will ever fully embrace transmedia – Doctor Who was produced by the BBC, a Public Service Broadcaster. The BBC Charter states tie-ins are not required reading. Doctor Who Flux’s tie-in could have at least shed some light on a background mystery even though it wasn’t necessary reading.


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