Hawkeye’s Avengers Watch Owner & SHIELD Connection Confirmed

Hawkeye's Avengers Watch Owner & SHIELD Connection Confirmed

Hawkeye’s Avengers Watch Owner & SHIELD Connection Confirmed

The Hawkeye finale secretly confirmed that the best Avengers watch theory belonged to Laura Barton, implying certain aspects of her preretirement identity. The fourth live-action Disney+ Marvel Studios show uncovered intriguing clues about a watch stolen from Avengers Compound. The black market auctioned it, and Tracksuit Mafia stole it. The show also revealed that Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), was interested in finding it. There were many theories about who the Avengers watched, but the most interesting for comic-lovers was the Laura Barton connection.

Viewers of the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe content had multiple theories about who Hawkeye was initially. Clint revealed that Clint knew of a retired person whose accessory the watch was and could have been stolen. Everybody, Nick Fury to Captain America, was suggested as possible solutions. But Laura Barton was a compelling answer as Hawkeye unfolded. Clint’s latest mission was her research project, and she spoke another language that alerted viewers to the possibility that Laura had more to her story. There was speculation that she might be Mockingbird, a SHIELD agent.

In the final episode, the mystery surrounding Hawkeye’s Avengers watch’s owner was finally solved. Clint takes the Rolex to the Barton farm with him on Christmas Eve and gives it to Laura as the children open their presents. While it was apparent that the watch belonged to Laura Barton, Hawkeye gave another hint as to why it is so important. The watch Laura Barton has the SHIELD logo on the back. Below, the number 19 is etched. This proves she was a SHIELD agent and was known as Agent 19 in her time in the field. Bobbi Morse, a.k.a. Mockingbird, married Hawkeye and was known as Agent 19 during SHIELD. The watch’s back cleverly suggests that Laura Barton was Mockingbird in the MCU. Or it could be a subtle nod towards Hawkeye’s comic relationship with Mockingbird that took the universe in a different direction.

It is helpful to know that Hawkeye’s Avengers Watch belongs to Laura Barton. This helps to flesh out her background and relationship with Hawkeye. MCU viewers will now see that Clint and Laura met while they were working for SHIELD. This raises interesting questions about Mockingbird’s actions during that time. Hawkeye suggests that Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio), was interested in the Avengers watch. Although it is possible that he was looking for an item from Avengers Compound to be valuable, Kingpin could also have had a history with Laura Barton’s Agent 19.

Hawkeye has confirmed Laura Barton as the rightful owner of the Avengers watch and teased her Mockingbird history. It is not clear if Marvel Studios will do anything with this information. There is no official plan for Hawkeye Season 2, and Laura is unlikely to abandon her family to be a superhero at this stage. Clint Barton’s MCU story could continue, and Laura’s Mockingbird history with SHIELD might be explored. This might not be discussed after Hawkeye. Viewers will have to decide if it aligns with Adrianne Palicki’s Mockingbird, Agents SHIELD.


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