Superman Took The Best Part Of The Batcave For His Own Fortress

Superman Took The Best Part Of The Batcave For His Own Fortress

Superman Took The Best Part Of The Batcave For His Fortress

DC Comics’ annual issue for Superman: The Son of Kal-El features Jon Kent returning to the Fortress of Solitude. This suggests that Superman might have stolen or copied one of Batman’s classic trophy trophies from his Batcave. Although the Dark Knight may have many trophies from previous victories, the most frequently seen are giant pennies, an oversized Joker Card, and Batman’s full-sized robotic dinosaur (specifically, a T.Rex). It seems that Superman now has a T.Rex, which one must wonder if it is the same prehistoric lizard.

Superman – Son of Kal-El Annual #1 by Tom Taylor, with artists Steve Pugh and Clayton Henry. Jon Kent returns to the Fortress of Solitude, where he meets an artificial intelligence copy of Clark (not like Jor-El). This seems like the best thing Jon could do, seeing as the original Superman is currently in space fighting Mongul and trying to liberate the planet War World. The Fortress hosts an unexpected guest, which draws attention away from the conversation.

It seems that Superman has a T.Rex in his collection of trophies and memorabilia. This is the same one that was long kept in the Dark Knight’s Batcave. But, is this T.Rex really Batman’s? Given the current DC Universe events, Batman doesn’t live or operate in the events of The Joker War, and he is no longer a billionaire. Given the current DC Universe events, Batman is now working from a network of microwaves that he has built around the city. This allows him to decentralize his efforts and leaves little room for huge trophies. It seems that one of two things happened. Either Superman kept a T.Rex from an unknown battle or he offered to house Batman’s T.Rex.

Interestingly, the Nightwing Annual #1, which Tom Taylor also wrote, shows Nightwing (and Red Hood) making use of Tom Taylor also wrotevestigation. The old hideout is mostly empty, with only a few items still covered by tarps. The T.Rex also is not found in the issue. It’s possible that it was just an error on the page, but it’s easy to make assumptions when an expected T.Rex doesn’t appear in the Batcave and a surprise T.Rex appears in the Fortress of Solitude.

It seems that Superman now has a T.Rex and Batman doesn’t. It’s amusing to imagine Superman taking the robot-dino for a joke, but it’s likely that he is simply keeping it for his friend in his more enormous Fortress (now being protected by his son). It’s not surprising, considering Batman’s vigilante friend Ghost Maker recently built his own more extensive and more luxurious cave (completely equipped with a larger Spinosaurus).

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