Deadpool Is On The Verge Of Becoming An X-Force Villain Again

Deadpool Is On The Verge Of Becoming An X-Force Villain Again

Deadpool Is On The Verge Of Becoming An X-Force Villain Again

Wade Wilson, the “Merc with a Mouth,” aka Deadpool, made his Marvel Comics debut as a villain of X Force – a role he might be resuming. Despite being introduced as an X-Force villain, Deadpool has been a member of the X-Force and has worked with them on many occasions since. Deadpool is now almost forgotten by the team after the X-Men, all mutant-kind, and the Island Nation, Krakoa were established. This could make him a villain again.

Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld introduced Deadpool in New Mutants #98. The issue featured Deadpool, who was hired to kill Cable. He was defeated in his first assassination mission on-panel, but Deadpool became one of the main villains during the first X Force run. Deadpool’s wily-cracking personality, and erratic mannerisms, were evident upon his introduction. However, they had a darker tone because his primary objective was to kill the heroes in whatever issue he appeared.

Although Deadpool is a far cry from his original villainous appearance, his latest adventures with Wolverine and the overall treatment he has received from the X-Men suggest that he may soon be a villain again. In Wolverine #19, Deadpool asks Logan to return to the X-Force team. To which Wolverine responds with a resounding, finite ” No.” This is particularly insulting because Deadpool was a member of “e “-Force and Wolverine in the series Uncanny X-Force. Although it may seem silly and played off as a joke, this could be Deadpool’s final rejection from the X-Men, especially since the last tiDeadpool’sthem.

After feeling the rejection sting for too long, Deadpool discovers a way to sneak onto Krakoa. Deadpool #6 by Kelly Thompson, Libranda. This was a decision that he quickly regretted. Deadpool was attacked immediately upon his arrival on the island by the X-Men. He was then allowed to explain himself to Emma Frost, Quiet Council Member, before being rejected completely and expelled from the island. Deadpool cannot live in Krakoa because he’s not a mutant but a mutation. He was born as a human. He is too unpredictable to be allowed to live on Krakoa.

Despite having worked hard to prove that he was trustworthy, Deadpool is still rejected by mutants. The Deadpool #6 rejection was the most severe. The latest Wolverine #13 rejection could prove to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. This could allow Deadpool to return to a role he is familcamel’sh. After being rejected by the X-Men for the formation of Krakoa and falling from their trust after working with them, Deadpool could be an X-Force antagonist just like he was when he made his Marvel Comics debut.

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