Here’s a game about selling maple syrup to soup up your trashy car for street racing

Mon Bazou is a unique and weird game and a labour of love. It’s about making money to build a race car from the titular Bazou. All of it takes place in Canada in 2005 around “the hot scene for tuned cars and wannabe streets racers.”

Mon Bazou is currently in Early Access. However, SantaGoat, the sole developer, is a labour of love. It’s amazing how much there is in it, considering it was only released a few short weeks ago. It has 119 Steam reviews, which are at 99% positive as this review was written. That’s my impression of the same energy that made My Summer Car so successful and earned it a spot in our top racing games roundup.

You have the option to cut wood and sell it, build a garage, harvest maple syrup from the sugar shack, deliver pizzas at night or spend your money racing, betting, or scavenging junkyard parts to build your rides. Make sure you have enough money to pay for gas. You can live the rural Canadian dream by making your poutine or growing your weed in the woods.

The car needs many upgrades and the mechanics of a boat, trailer, and ATV. It is a simple, rural game that has a lot of humour. It’s all about enjoying one’s hobbies and being happy.—android–ios

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