Valorant Game Director ‘Giving Up The Mantle’ To Work On New Project At Riot

Joe Ziegler, Riot Games’ game director for Valorant, is leaving the company to take up a new role at the studio.

This information is via a post by Ziegler to the Riot official website. Ziegler discusses his eight years at Riot. He says that Valorant was released last year and is something he has been working on since 2008 as the game director. Now, he feels it’s time to move on.

Ziegler writes, “It is with gratitude and deep excitement that I come to you today with the news.” “After eight years of working on Valorant with a dedicated team of passionate developers who have worked tirelessly to serve all of you with the respect, admiration, and appreciation that you deserve, it is time for me to give up the title of game director of Valorant to my good friend Andy Ho [senior vice president of game direction at Riot].

Ziegler stated that Ho has been a dedicated person to Valorant for many years and is a source of inspiration for other developers. Ziegler said that he is confident that Ho will be the new director and see Valorant evolve year-over-year “to become even more than what I could have envisioned.”

Ziegler will be staying with Riot, but he will be “starting something (*wink. secrets iso that we can even scratch our surface of the incredible impact Valorant had so far,” he said. It could be that he is working on a new game in the same universe as Valorant. It will be interesting to see what the future holds.

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