DC Teases Joker Will One Day Kill Batman, Not The Other Way Around

DC Teases Joker Will One Day Kill Batman, Not The Other Way Around

DC Teases Joker Will One Day Kill Batman, Not The Other Way Around

The latest issue of DC Comics’ Batman/Catwoman teases that Joker might be the one to end the Dark Knight’s reign. Tom King, the writer of Batman/Catwoman, has created a timeline that shows how Joker and Selina Kyle shared a similar relationship in the past to Batman’s. Joker also shares with Selina a disturbing dream that he has. It suggests that Joker may have plans for Batman if he gets tired of their running gag.

Tom King’s 12th issue maxi-series continues his 2016 run on Batman. This is in an alternate timeline. It brings a definitive end to his Bat and Cat romance story in a way that he probably wouldn’t be able to do in DC’s primary continuity. He has made bold moves in integrating the Joker/Phantasm into their story. This includes Phantasm being Bruce Wayne’s former love and the Joker as Catwoman’s close friend and partner (with hints that they might be more). Selina’s history with Joker causes a wedge between Bat and Cat. The new Batman/Catwoman #9 has Joker pressing Catwoman in the past to reveal where the Dark Knight hangs its cape and cowl.

Joker and Selina have a conversation during which the Clown Prince Of Crime shares his darkest dream with Catwoman. He tells her that he constantly thinks about killing Batman. It would happen at a time when the Dark Knight would not suspect it, and Hojer’s chances of success would be very high. Joker dreams of killing Batman when he wakes up from a long night on patrol.

He relates in detail how he wants to repeatedly stab Batman, describing the joy and happiness from this act of murder. Batman and Joker are a classic rivalry that Joker values. However, it seems like he has a dream to end it all someday. This communicates that Joker might become bored and make his darkest dreams come true one day. He even considers the perfect timing also suggests that he has given serious thought to the idea. He would still need to find a way for Batman to visit his home.

However, it should be noted that the Joker is part of Tom King’s alternate timeline. However, the Clown Prince may be dreaming the same things in DC’s main canon. Joker could decide to take down Batman rather than the Dark Knight breaking his rule to end his greatest foe’s existence. Joker can decide that he is ready for the last punchline. After the destruction of the recent Joker War, which saw Joker move against Bruce Wayne just as much as Batman, things seem to be heading in that direction. Batman decided to let fate decide whether Joker would live or die, effectively changing their game. If Joker had already dreamed of ending Batman’s life, perhaps he is ready to take action soon.

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