Kill bizarre demons and use their blood as paint in mad roguelike Brutal Orchestra

Here’s how Brutal Orchestra works: You’re dead, somebody killed you, you can’t escape purgatory, but you can certainly set yourself up to take revenge on them when they arrive.

You’ll be accompanied by 20 other strange underworld rejects to build a party and navigate through a purgatory landscape inspired by the bizarre paintings of Hieronymous BOCH and Pieter Bruegel. There, demons are fish in human skinsuits or have trumpets in the butts. Those are some of the more tame ideas here.

It’s a strategic and tactical battle system that allows you to move characters from one position to attack or avoid attacks. You also try to make faceoffs against your enemy’s five units. The entire system is powered by pigment, which is your enemies’ goopy blood or viscera. Each character skill requires pigment of a specific color combination. You can get more pigment by hitting enemies with the same color health bar.

It’s possible to make mistakes by killing enemies in bad order, leaving some characters unable to get more resources to act. Mana burn can also be done to yourself. Too much pigment causes damage when you act.

It is fully released and very polished. Although I have only played it for a few minutes, this may be my new obsession. You can find Brutal Orchestra both on Steam and

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