Punisher Ditches His Iconic Skull Logo in New Marvel Cover

Punisher Ditches His Iconic Skull Logo in New Marvel Cover

Punisher Ditches His Iconic Skull Logo in New Marvel Cover

In recent years, Marvel’s Punisher has been the subject of much controversy. He is well-known for his violent vigilante actions, which are frowned upon by Marvel Comics and DC Comics. After years of controversy, Frank Castle has finally left his skull logo and is embarking on a new series.

The Punisher made his debut in Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man series, The Amazing Spider-Man #129. Peter Parker met Frank Castle when the latter was hired to kill the web-slinger by Jackal. Peter, still reeling from Gwen Stacy’s death, escapes the Punisher. He is shown as an uncompromising assassin but retains a code or sort of honor. The Punisher’s stories over the years have been varied in terms of how dark Marvel was willing to portray the character. But recent stories seem to have gone quite far, and Marvel is changing Frank Castle forever.

Marvel has released a new cover by Goran Parlov that shows how dramatic a Punisher’s future is. The limited series will feature Frank Castle as the star and include flashbacks from different artists that chronicle the antihero’s past, present, and future. This story ends Punisher’s year-long drought. The character had not been featured in a single series for a whole year. The Punisher’s iconic skull logo ends with that ending in 2022.

The Punisher’s symbol represented vengeance, retribution, and violence by fringe alt-right groups. Multiple police officers have used Punisher’s skull logo to suggest they want to use excessive violence against criminals and anyone challenging their authority. Frank Castle hates cops who support him or display his logo. He believes that the police should be Captain America, not himself. A Punisher logo has replaced the Punisher’s skull for the Hand organization.

This will undoubtedly anger Punisher’s supporters (as well as those who support Punisher for his uncompromising ways). This change will be beneficial in the end. It is important to note that Frank Castle’s character doesn’t change. He still kills the vast bulk of his enemies, which makes him the Punisher. The Punisher is a superhero who never kills a person. He chooses to take a dark road and punishes anyone who dares to follow.


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